Keller Williams Hooks Himself Before Farm Fest Set

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Keller Williams has, as usual, been making his summer concert and festival rounds in typical fashion. The multi-instrumentalist and looping king recently took to Facebook to detail his account. It appears we should all be a bit less rushed in our packing needs in the future, right Keller 😉 .

Glad to know he was not only ok, but he went to play an incredible set! Big ups to the Farm Fest team on this one.

Have you ever gotten a fish hook stuck in your finger …… deep……45 minuets before you were scheduled to play a music festival you’ve been trying to get on for 10 years? I have. My RV has several outdoor compartments where I store lawn chairs. The day before, I frustratingly shoved 3 tangled fishing rods in with the chairs. I reached for chairs. I got hooked. After a few stressful sweaty minutes of trying to get unhooked, we realized that this was a job for a pro. The alternative being my good buddy Bert shoving a block of wood in my mouth to bite down on while he ripped it out. He was amped and up for the challenge. This frightened me and left me with the mental image of a large portion of flesh being ripped from my left ring finger, thus forcing the need for stitches, thus being unable to play guitar in 42 minuets. Luckily, Elyce was on the ready with a cart to whisk me away to the medic tent. Remember Elyce? She had the frog in the milk shirt Only in this story I spell her name right. By the time we made it to the med tent, the visions of blood and hooked fingers and possible stitches had somehow made the blood in my brain retreat to my feet which left me with a certain tinglely sensation that I’m not used to feeling 39 minuets before I play a show. The staff at the med tent quickly got me off of my feet and the super calm and cool Dr. David Lander performed a routine unhooking. HUGE THANK YOU to you, doctor. I was returned to the stage where I had 13 minuets to learn how to play guitar with a numb left ring finger. THANK YOU Floyd Fest especially Kris, John, Buddy and Elyce 

From Floyd fest, Brooks Royster drove Lou and me 8 hours to FarmFest which was deep into the New Jersey woods. The stage was on a beach by a lake……in the woods. There I learned the term “trap” which apparently is the technical term for a certain evolution of dub step. A dark and dirty bass heavy agro young soul funk that runs at about 90 bpm. I was calling it “the half time grind” but “trap” is the correct term. If you don’t understand these terms, you probobaly won’t dig this music. But I do. And I love learning new things and finding new bands to be inspired by. Bands like Space Jesusbringing elements of hip hop and pop remixes that collide with live instrumentation had me head bobbin’ and absorbing bass through my sternum. The band lespecial really got me off with a groove that was heavy on the Fela Kuti style of Afro beat that inevitably dropped into my beloved half time grind which I would imagine could be called “Afro trap”. There’s more than likely a term for that that I haven’t learned yet. I had such a good time that I feel confident the promoters will do the right thing and pay me. So THANKYOU to farm fest especially Breezy, Taco, Space Jesus and Lespecial for teaching me things and inspiring me so hard that I left blood all over the stage and on the stage towels. Sorry bout that. I got a fish hook stuck in my finger the day before. Kw.

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