Warren Haynes

Discusses ‘Ashes & Dust’ with WSJ


Warren Haynes recently spoke with Eric R. Danton of WSJ about “Ashes to Dust”, a record set for release next week (July 24th) on Concord Records. Haynes invited members of Railroad Earth in the studio to give life to songs “that were homeless.” The article notes that Haynes first met the members of RRE at Red Rocks. Shortly thereafter they shared the stage at a music festival. Afterwards, Haynes figured these shelved songs may find find a proper home with the company of Railroad Earth.

Warren is always keeping himself busy and having yet another creative outlet will allow him to grow creatively and artistically. Now that he has stepped away from the role of guitar with The Allman Brothers Band, Haynes is left with more time to do things he likely wouldn’t have had the time for in previous years, such as this project.

“There are some people that really know me as a guitar player who might think this is really different from what I’ve done, and I guess it is in some ways,” Haynes says. “But there’s plenty of guitar playing on this record, it’s just surrounded by acoustic instruments.” – Warren Haynes (WSJ Article)

The quote above from Haynes reminds me of some elements of music I discussed quite some time ago in an interview with John Skehan of Railroad Earth. When we got the theme of how Railroad Earth’s sound is somewhat of a electrified version of bluegrass (of course this is a major overgeneralization), Skehan pointed out that the song was oftentimes best suited for acoustic instruments. It was never really about having to be or not be a bluegrass act. Rather, it was to simply arrange a song the way that fit best.

Why not take it into the rock and roll world but use the chamber ensemble nature of bluegrass music and the mandolin, violin, bass, acoustic guitar, all interlocked and weaved together and playing together very much like a string quartet or chamber ensemble. – John Skehan (Railroad Earth)

I am very ecstatic to hear Warren’s guitar weave in and out of these acoustic arrangements with Railroad Earth. The previews for the album sound great thus far and I’m sure there are some choice cuts on this album that we’ve yet to discover.

Read the Full Interview via WSJ.


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