PhishJustJams Website Launches


Someone has taken A LOT of time to bring you endless hours of Phish joy. This is clutch for a variety of scenarios. Sure, you can’t really beat listening to the entire song. However, as they explain in the “About” section this is great for when you don’t want any vocals while you’re concentrating on work. Whoever you are out there who worked on this, THANK YOU.

Phish summer tour is on the horizon. Destiny Unbound.

See you out there.

Phish Just Jams


The PhishJustJams website presents the music of Phish with the lyrics and composed sections removed, so you can get just to the jams. I find it distracting to hear lyrics when I am working or reading, so I would often listen to a compilation that someone (“dug”) put together back in 1998 of Phish jams from the Fall of ’97. After years of listening to this compilation I decided to do the same thing for Phish in 3.0. After I finished that project I went back and attacked the years from 1993-2003. While I was working on those older tracks my brother took over cutting up the tracks from their current tours.

Each track attempts to preserve as much of the jam as possible without including lyrics where reasonable. Some tracks are easy, like Diseases or Tweezers or Rebas, while others have some singing over part of the jam, like Stash. Then there are some tracks like the ’99 Holmdel Split that starts as a jam, goes into Kung, and then explodes into a huge jam; it is best to preserve that all as one track, so the Kung is included. There are a few tracks such as this, but in general the idea is to focus solely on the jams. We tried to get as many great jams as we could out of the shows, however early on in the process we tended to skip certain tracks with perfunctory jams, like a random 10-minute Bathtub Gin from 2012, unless they were especially interesting. If you think there are any great jams that we’re missing, please let us know and we’ll try to add it in.

If you like the site and would like to be kept up to date about what is going on with the website, whether we add in new Phish tracks, or add tracks from one of their side projects or even another band altogether, please follow us on Twitter.

If you are interested in listening to the full tracks or full shows, I encourage you to check out Phish.inwhich hosts all of the shows in their complete form. This website is solely focused on the jams.

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