The Revivalists: Stream & Review of NEW TRACK off Forthcoming Album!

Photo by Alysse Gafkjen
Photo by Alysse Gafkjen

The Revivalists are special. They enjoy breaking barriers for music fans with one simple goal: inspired music. They aren’t a “jamband” or a “pop” band. Drawing on a variety of influences from Dixieland jazz to contemporary rock, the Revivalists deliver an exceptional live performance and craft beautiful studio albums.

In the true spirit of rock ‘n’ roll, front man David Shaw gives fans a strong stage presence, as sweat and emotion pour over adoring fans. They have steadily gained followers throughout the past few years. In my opinion, its the sax and pedal steel that sets them apart from other rock based groups.

“Keep Going” begins with Michael Girardot’s classic electric piano hook and Shaw’s poetic meanderings about having mixed emotions and a “feeling fit for two.” Campanelli’s drum roll subtly picks up the pace as Feinberg’s guitar and Williams’s pedal steel blend together to add an bit of ambiance. Ingraham’s sax establishes the transition and climatic buildup throughout the track in unison with Shaw. Then mid-way through the song, the band pauses for William’s pedal steel to shine. Without hesitation, Shaw sharply digs into his soulful, nostalgic tale. The song concludes with a beautiful climax, each member playing a distinct, but unified part.

Here is the takeaway: The Revivalists are pros. They know how to use space and time to their advantage. They know that there is a time and place for their eclectic mix of instruments. They never overplay, but also know when to step up to the plate and blow you away. This is a fine line is something only the best can achieve. The Revivalists keep challenging themselves to master this art both onstage and on their studio albums.

“Keep Going” is just a preview of coming attractions as their new album, Men Amongst Mountains, readies for July 17th release through Wind-up Records. The 14-track album is a compilation of years worth of material written while on the road all over the country. Pre-order the album here.

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