Here’s to Hoping Railroad Earth Covers “Terrapin Station” at DelFest

Here’s to Hoping

Railroad Earth Covers “Terrapin Station”

Tonight at DelFest

Source: RRE Official Website

By Mattybo

As anyone who was keyed in on the “Dear Jerry” concert last Thursday already knows, Railroad Earth was one of two bands cut from the schedule due to time constraints. They were slated to play “Terrapin Station” along with Greensky Bluegrass who were going to play “Eyes of The World.” Being that these are two of the most cherished songs in the Dead’s catalogue, I think it’s safe to say that the fans were just as disappointed in not getting to see these songs as the bands were about not being able to perform them.

Fast-forward a week to Delfest, and Greensky Bluegrass would open their set with a raucous version of the song that they would not get to play the Thursday before, to the delight of all the festival attendees.

Tonight Railroad Earth will take the stage for their Friday night headlining slot at the festival, and if last night’s Greensky set was any indication, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the crowd in Cumberland MD is due for a rare and different tune. Terrapin Station is on the horizon.

Here’s a recording of the band playing the song (and playing it REALLY well) at the Jerry Garcia Birthday Bash in Terra Alta, WV in 2004.

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