Lucas Chambon

New EP Instinct

Shames Muddied Mainstream EDM


By Randy Harris

Ever feel like you are swimming through the clouds when you are listening to music; like you are gliding, constantly moving but using little to no effort? That feeling is what trance music producers set out to achieve years ago, and while some of that original essence of aural elation has been lost in the muddied mainstream EDM of the day, there are still some producers out there who can invoke the type of emotion necessary to expand our minds.

Lucas Chambon’s brand new release, Instinct EP, consists of four tracks that do just that. From the funkier, staccato tones and swirling swells of “Citadel” and “At Dawn” to the mind-soothing ambient trance of “Turquoise” and “Cheyenne,” the EP continuously lifts the mind of the listener to new heights. The tunes are set on top of slow, relaxed beats to enhance the sense of peace that is necessary to keep us reaching higher, while the melodies and harmonies are flawlessly constructed for maximum aural elation.

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