Phoniks | Wu-Tang Clan Remix

Phoniks Releases Another Killer Wu-Tang  Remix


For those of you who regularly follow the site, you should be very familiar with Phoniks by now. His remix of Wu Tang’s “C.R.E.A.M” has over half a million plays, and the other day he released another killer Wu Tang remix. Phoniks is in a niche of the finest cream of the crop underground MC producers. The resurrection of instrumental horn infused feel based samples is not a lost art. For Phoniks things are just beginning. The best is yet to come.

From Phoniks:

Slowed down, souled out remix of Ghostface’s 1996 classic featuring Raekwon and Cappadonna.

Usually my releases are premeditated, but sometimes I just stay up all night making a track, throw together some artwork and toss it online. I’m feeling generous and even made it a free download. I just ask that you share, repost, and continue to support.

One love!

(Before anyone corrects me, I know this is a Ghostface track. I listed it as Wu-Tang because it’s more easily recognizable to the casual fan)

Photo by Nathan Congleton

Free Download

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