STS9 | 2002 TBT

STS9 Live in 2002

Throwback Thursday

By Matthew Bowers

In keeping with the new tradition of “throwback Thursday” this video takes us back over a decade to 2002 when a young STS9 played to a very lucky California crowd in December. The music they play over the course of this hour long set is nothing short of sexy, and I can only imagine how sweaty that venue was by the time the show was over.

STS9’s performances have changed dramatically over the past few years, focusing on the more in-your-face electronic aspect of their sound. Long-time fans and followers of the band have been longing for the return of the tribal, dream inducing sonic landscapes Soundtribe used to create. With the departure of bassist David Murphy and the recent addition of Alana Rocklin, the band seems to be getting back in touch with their roots again. Here’s to (personally, anyways) hoping STS9 returns to the tribal, ethereal, melodic drum and bass juggernaut they once were.

Setlist – 12.5.02 (The Catalyst – Santa Cruz, CA) – I: Satori, Grow, New song > Tap In, Baraka II: Moonsockets, STS9 Ramone > Eb > Emiglio E: Circus, What is love?

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