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The Polish Ambassador @ Nightlife at the Academy 2.23.2012

The Polish Ambassador has been killing it for quite some time known for his intense energy on the stage. Recently TPA took to his Facebook to discuss how one balances their career as an artist and how they foster a dynamic relationship with their fanbase.


Via TPA:
It’s my belief that the measure of an artist’s success is a balancing act of artistic ability AND how much fans are saying “yes” to an artist’s ability. It’s hard to quantify that one has more weight than the other. Perhaps because it’s more of an unspoken agreement between fanbase and artist that guides and shapes the artistic project.

So wouldn’t it be proper to listen to the collective consciousness that is the fanbase of a particular project? Doesn’t it make sense that artists are essentially representatives of the collective populace they are making music for?

When I make music, it’s all coming from experiences with people like you that have shaped me and subsequently fuel the music. It feels completely relevant and important to put messages out that represent this music and your/our collective motions for change. Without these ideas this music would cease to exist!

I generate most of these ideas/conversations/messages through interactions I have with you guys. Walking around festivals and chatting with you, speaking and fielding questions on panels, reading your beautiful emails, discussing with festival and community organizers how best to evolve our culture and music scene.

In my opinion, the role of an artist and the role of artist supporter BOTH come with a great responsibility.

As a fan, challenge your artists to speak for the people they represent. You have supported them to have a platform to speak from. Ask them what moves them to create art. Find out if their motives are in alignment with your own. If they are not, there is an ocean of art out there waiting to be discovered, so much of it with messages that will deeply resonate with you.

It’s my belief we are entering an era where the message of the music is just as important as the waveform hitting your brain and body, if not more.

As always this is one person’s opinion and more of a discussion stimulator.

What do you think?

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