See-i Releases New Track “Musical Murder”

Preview for Knowledge Shine Bright album

See-i DC Reggae-Funk-Rock Band | New Album | Stream | Washington, DC | LiveMusicDaily

Washington DC’s finest reggae-rock-funk outfit, See-i, has released a preview for their upcoming album “Knowledge Shine Bright” that will be released on May 21st. Today we bring you a stream of “Musical Murder” that offers us an insightful look into the group’s matured song-writing, compositional passages, interwoven chemistry, and lyrical finesse.

It was a pleasure to listen to the entire new album a few weeks ago. The entire album seamlessly achieves the feel of a sound that deserves to be heard around the world. I appreciate the first album, but this one is a notable showcase of the group’s  growing interconnectedness as a whole. For those of you who have had the pleasure of catching See-i during their 8 year residency at Eighteenth Street Lounge located in Dupont Circle, you understand the  levels of energy this band possesses in the live setting. This album focuses more on the song-writing, composition, and structural aspects of the members of See-i to connect in ways that listeners have not heard before.

This is certainly their finest case of showmanship to date. This preview of the forthcoming release begins with mellow undertones as Rob Myers signature sitar sounds engulf you in a lyrical ballad by brothers Rootz & Zeebo Steele. The record is marked by dazzling guest appear- ances by rappers Mr Lif & Flex Mathews and chanteuses Candice Mills & Edy Blu who bring muscle and soul to this collection of 12 songs. Intimate yet expansive, “Knowledge Shine Bright” is a 50 minute sonic journey that few contemporary bands have the fortitude to conjure.

We will have extensive updates on the entire new album as well as some exclusive coverage and commentary.

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