Dallas Concert Recap


Saturday Nov. 16

Three Links- Dallas, TX

On Saturday Nov.19th Zoogma concluded the Texas portion of their Anthems 4 Androids tour in Dallas at Three Links in the heart of Deep Ellum. The jamband fans in the DFW area packed Three Links with an overall crowd-vibe a special touch you just don’t find at every Dallas show. Thanks to Banjos to Beats and Time 2 Fly Music for bringing back some filthy Nash-vegas electronic grooves. Below I’ve included a mini-recap of sorts incorporating a very brief recap, band info, photos from the show, and a video of the “Okami” encore.

With their latest release, Anthems for Androids, these Dirty South electro rockers have closed the gap in heavy hitting dance beats and electronic rock, yielding a genre-defying album that explores new depths in the ever-evolving Electronic Music Scene. The four-piece outfit melts genres seamlessly with ease and without confusion expanding the scope of their songs in the live performance with well executed improvisational passages. The group features two live guitars, drums, and bass accompanied with live sequencing and dance heavy synth lines.

In Dallas the group put on a stellar concert reminding fans what differentiates them from a variety of other band/DJ combo acts on the scene. Zoogma’s hard-hitting/in your face rock n’ roll attitude in their delivery offer them a distinct identity within the realm of electronic jambands. Brock Bowling (Guitar/DJ) expounded on this notion in an interview I did with him leading up to the show, “I think our strong suit and the defining thing about our sound as opposed to some other people is the heavy rock aspect, the two guitars, sometimes we will go metal to a progressive rock sound like Rush, even Pink Floyd comes out. One other part is we all like Southern Rock and Dirty South Hip-Hop, the Southern swing makes things a little heavier.”   Another attribute Brock and crew bring to the table is an overall chemistry the group exudes in every song they perform, extending improvisational passages with ease while producing no errors.The energy throughout the set was amazing, as Zoogma moved  through countless influences such as the opening nod to Three 6 Mafia to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” to “Everyday” by Rusko. Zoogma’s sound is constantly evolving in front of fans not just from year to year, but from tour to tour. Anthems 4 Androids has set the template for the future of Zoogma as the group of young & ambitious musicians pave their own musical journey. Though they’ve been together for quite some time, Zoogma is only two albums deep into their career leading us to believe only the best lies ahead for them in the future .

All in all fans were blasted with genres across from across the musical spectrum for a special night of music. As Josh Smith of Banjos to Beats of on his Facebook,”Packed House. Garage Door Open. Crowd Spilling Into The Streets. Zoogma taking over Deep Ellum. We need more nights like this one. .” At LiveMusicDaily we encourage you to support your scene. Dallas fans rejoice because venues, promoters, and artists are noticing the enthusiasm fans in the city have for live music, continue to support and we will see more of these events. We will continue to cover Zoogma regularly on the site & will keep you in the loop, but until next time enjoy the set highlight from the Dallas show…Zoogma returning for an encore asking “We heard you all chanting something upstairs, but couldn’t tell what you were saying?”. The crowd responded with “Okami”, that was met with smiles onstage as they began a stellar rendition of the classic Alec Fruedenberg captured for us on video.

In case you missed it check out the LiveMusicDaily INTERVIEW with Zoogma HERE.

*A special thanks to Michael, Josh, Amanada, Alec, & Brock!

Photos by Alec Freudenberg


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