D.C. Weekend Recap


Friday night I ventured to Rock N Roll Hotel in Washington D.C. to check out The Good Thing, Congo Sanchez, and Black Masala. Here we bring you an abbreviated recap of the show and leave you with some music to explore from each of the artists.

Black Masala

Black Masala
Photo Courtesy of Mitchell Parrish

My first Black Masala show was a very interesting experience with a cast of talented musicians taking brass and gypsy to a whole new level. This danceable form of gypsy-funk-rock is a crowd pleasing throw down that is sure to take this act places beyond the local and regional stage. The wild onstage circus brings audiences along their journey in exploring the depths of sounds that break the typical barriers of genre specification. Breaking these barriers shouldn’t come as a great surprise as the one of the founding members of the group is a member of Yellow Dubmarine, a phenomenal reggae outfit paying tribute to the Beatles. Furthermore the cast of musicians extends from members of Thievery Coporation & See-I to Bellflur to Yamamonem Jazzband. With just over a year of experience under their belt they gave the audience a short, but highly energized set that left me craving more. The group will be back in action starting next Thursday, go catch them live and support your local musicans.

Upcoming Concerts

July 11th: Capital Fringe w/ Bosley

July 12th: “Zeba Bar” w/ The Delegation

July 21st: Tropicalia w/ M.H. and His Orchestra (Cosmic Campout)

 July 25th: The Purple Fiddle in WV. July 27th: Acre 121 — 2 Sets

Black Masala
Photo Courtesy of Mitchell Parrish

Congo Sanchez

Ras Puma of Thievery Corporation sitting in with Congo Sanchez
(Photo Courtesy of Mitchell Parrish)

The night marked Congo Sanchez’s first year together as an act. The driving force of the group is simple, these are accomplished musicians who have mastered the art of incorporating live electronic concepts into their work while drawing on a variety of genres ranging from dub to reggae to latin to funk to hiphop and everything in between. Multi-instrumentalist Jeff Franca (aka Congo Sanchez) (Theivery Corporation, See-i), underground MC Flex Mathews, and Haile Supreme give breathe genuine & sincerity to their accompanying electronic soundscapes. Enjoy the stream of “Summerbreeze” a must-have mix released less than a month ago. Also check out the video of Congo giving a rundown on the group’s past and future developments. (VIEW HERE)

The Good Thing

For those of you not familar with The Good Thing  they a relatively new 6 piece funk band with heavy blues, rock & soul influences. Their “Get Funky” EP is killer and they recently opened for Bonerama at The Hamilton. The group delivers high energy funk reminiscent of Parliament Funkadelic with a taste of New Orleans all here for you to enjoy in the Nation’s capital. Check back on Live Music Daily for additional tour dates for The Good Thing, until then you can stream their new album.

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