The Wood Brothers and Shovels & Rope Bring an Inspired Authenticity to Milwaukee’s Riverside Theater – Photos and Recap

Photos and Recap by Stephen Bloch

Milwaukee got a hearty dose of Americana on Saturday evening with a bonafide double bill from The Wood Brothers and Shovels & Rope at the Riverside Theater.  Despite the respective triplet and duo lineups, there is NOTHING stripped down about their sounds. With stringed instruments all at the forefront, they both create a powerful and moving energy in a theatre environment.  Shovel & Rope’s Cary Ann Hearst and Michael Trent move back and forth between their drum kit and guitars to deliver energetic folk-grounded tunes with gorgeous harmonies.  Much of their set came from their strong 2022 release, Manticore.

The Wood Brothers consist of Chris Wood on bass, his brother Oliver Wood on guitar,  and Jano Rix on percussion and all things in between. The trio’s Jazz meets Americana meets Bluegrass meets Rootsy-Swing sound is the perfect sonic stew. Their music hits listeners right to their core, anchored by the fantastic songwriting and vocals of Oliver Wood. The band is touring in support of their stellar April 2023 album, Heart is the Hero, and they seem to continue to find new inspiration with each new release.

Get out and see this topnotch combo while they are touring together.

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