The Cassaday Concoction Brings a Blended Brew of Rock to D.C.

Photos and Review by Porter Byers

There aren’t too many bands in the DMV that are writing and performing good ‘ol rock’n’roll these days. We have go-go and funk and punk but the Cassaday Concoction offer a rare gem to the area in the way of original songwriting. Their rock has a dash of blues, a pinch of funk, and a swirl of soul.

Sure, they can flawlessly execute a range of covers – from the Talking Heads to the Alabama Shakes to Steve Miller and Marvin Gaye – but there are plenty of bands that can do that. The distinction is lead singer Chris Cassaday bringing his soulful vocals and smooth guitar to his own music.

At recent performance at Old Bust Head Brewery in Virginia, the foursome, formerly a trio, showcased a number of songs from their debut record, I Need To Beincluding the charging “Surffunktasticsexjam,” “Petrified,” and “Out the Door,” among others. They wove in almost the entirety of the album throughout two sets to an enchanted crowd.   

Dare we say it is important, even brave what these guys are doing? In an era where many musicians turn to a laptop or a mixtape, it is uplifting to hear brand new rock songs. With several shows on their calendar and more to come, be sure to check them out at a DC area venue near you. 

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