Umphrey’s McGee Wrap Up Fall Tour in Virginia (Photos and Recap)

Photos and Recap by Sean Chagnon (Eye of the Storm Photography)

While things in world are far from “normal” these days, there are some things that have not changed and one of those is that Umphrey’s McGee can still host one hell of a party. It doesn’t seem all that long ago that a certain “Local Band Did OK,” and it is safe to say they’ve pushed far beyond the ‘OK’ line since then. While they haven’t had any breakout singles on the radio, UM manages to consistently pack venues with fans, many of whom are happy to travel hundreds of miles to add another show to their count.

UM wrapped up their fall tour in Virginia with two nights at the beautiful Richmond venue The National, and one final night at the sister venue in Norfolk, VA: the NorVa (which was voted the country’s best venue by Rolling Stone in 2013.) UM filled the room with their brand of rock which draws from countless influences. The crowd was treated to a sampler of everything from classic rock, jazz, bluegrass, prog rock, and everything in between. UM even threw in a flashback to a previous NorVa show with the closing song of the encore being Fugazi’s “Waiting Room.” An incredible light show put on by the talented Ben Factor which rounded out a great night of music.

Umphrey’s hits the road again for some New Year’s shows and hits a good chunk of the east coast and mid west prior to heading across the Atlantic in March for Rockjavik: a three night stand in Iceland! Their latest release Hall of Fame 2020 is available on double vinyl for those looking to surprise an Umphreak in their life. Umphrey’s never disappoints, so check that schedule and get some live music in your life.

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