By Chris Snyder

Photo by Shervin Lainez

The band had their first performance in early 2017 and even though the band is brand new all of you guys have decades worth of experience performing in a number of  different projects. You guys met up in Woodstock, NY. Did you guys just gel together right off the bat?

Luckily there are enough different ways that we all know each other musically so the ‘getting on’ feels like something that’s already happening.

Did you guys grow up in a musical family? Were your parents influential and did they help guide you in your musical careers?

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I am personally grateful that my non-musical family welcomed my musical-ness (that’s an actual word).

Over the past few months, you guys have been mixing up the setlists for each performance. Is there any special formula you use to generate a setlist every night or do you just play what feels right?

I guess we have no industry algorithms attached to the creation of our music and no one seems to be using anything like that to dance to it so it must be some kind of ‘having-fun’ ritual. Everybody tends to leave feeling happy.


Life on the road can have its ups and downs. What advice do you have for young musicians just hitting the scene?

Enjoy life. Believe in your heartfelt choices. Make sure that you love playing music.

What albums made you guys want to be touring musicians?

Most people have a pretty broad taste in music and other creative things. I really enjoyed listening to live albums like Hendrix’s Isle Of Wight and Hendrix In The West. I also enjoyed The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl. I got to see Steve Marriott perform live when I was a teenager and he blew my mind!

How would you define success in the music industry?

Inventing my own colored M&Ms so that I’m the only one who can demand them.

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