10 Songs I Like, vol. 4

by Carly Shields

Photo: Lianne La Havas Press Photo

Most days I sit at my desk at work and wish I didn’t have to be at a desk, as much as I love my job. But most days as I bond with my computer, I also get to explore boundless new music and artists, listen to countless songs through the multitude of instant access music sites, and discover new talent and sounds I’ve never heard before. The opportunity to just listen and explore, and 8 hours at minimum to do it in, is a joy that makes up for any lackluster moments at a desk. I have to give a shout out to all the great series’ out there, but specifically, NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts, Prairie Home Companion, and Jam in the Van, which have helped me uncover so many of my current favorite artists. 

“LA Moves” – The Southern Belles

Off their newest album, In the Middle of the Night, just released August 5th.

“Colorado” – The Jauntee

Because I just moved here!

“Two Miles High” – The Moves Collective

These guys and gal recently won Best Americana Band from the San Diego Music Awards.

“Hog Thai” – ShwizZ  

Essential shreddygnar. 

Full Set – Electric Beethoven –  impossible to pick one song as the whole idea of the project is one long song broken up into movements. There’s a phenomenal, brand new, live album available for free at reedmathis.com

“Don’t Thick Twice” – Chris Thile, one of the most under-appreciated musicians and songwriters currently touring. Formerly of Nickel Creek, now of Punch Brothers and a multitude of other projects and host of Prairie Home Companion, everything he touches is gold. This is a three-for-one deal because I would also like to highlight Brad Mehldau and Lucius. (For a hilarious example of Thile’s writing skills, check out “Comey’s Last Waltz”)

“Don’t Let The Green Grass Fool You” – California Honeydrops

 “What You Don’t Do” – Lianne LaHavas

This whole mini-concert is beautiful, but my favorite track is the first,

“Wristband” – Paul Simon

Because… Paul Simon. 

“Oklahoma” – Thorp Jenson

Off his stellar debut album “Odessa”

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