Ben Travers Talks Touring, Influences & more

by Chris Snyder

CN: You have been around the music industry for twelve years now. What were the top 5 tours that you have had the opportunity to work on?

5. Project/Object – Music of Frank Zappa ( My first tour )
4. XVSK – (Real road dogging w/ John kimock and Trevor Exter)
3. Mike Gordon – (Best crew)
2. UK – Final World Tour – ( Favorite Prog band saying goodbye )
1. Terry Bozzio Solo Drum World Tour ( 42 gigs in 88 days ) + Worlds largest tuned drum kit


How did you meet Angelo (Miraglia) & Mike Dougherty to form SUICAUDIO?

I met Angelo in HS. I wasn’t  playing drums or music then, but we knew of each other. We started to hang and collab when I first started working at the River Street Jazz Cafe,  he hung out there a lot at the open mics and played with various bands.

Did you know that you wanted to get involved in the music industry in some form at a young age?

I’ve always loved music on a different level, its always been a passion but when I was younger or even graduating high school I thought I’d be an auto mechanic.. That’s what I initially was going to go to school for, soon before school started during my freshman year I got a job at a local bar/music venue that sparked my interest in the industry from all facets. I changed my major to Music Recording, and started to work at the jazz as a dishwasher.


Are there musicians that you would like to work with in the future?

I would love a chance to work with The Barr Brothers, Hans Zimmer, and definitely Daniel Lanois.

What are your top 5 albums of all time? Why?

That’s hard, real hard. It definitely varies with mood or season. This is what I’m digging now.

5. Barr Brothers – Sleeping Operator
4. Halfnoise – Volcano Crowe
3. Knesset – Coming of Age
2. Alice in Chains – Jar of Flies
1. Lymbyc Systym – Carved by glaciers


What music technicians do you look up to that you feel may not get enough press?

Andre Chomodeley ( Guitar tech for Steve Howe-YES/ Adrian Belew ) Has worked for Greg Lake, Keith Emerson, John Wetton Etc.

Danny Bennett – Stage Tech for Mike Gordon and has worked with various band such as Gov’t Mule.

Do you have any favorite venues that you like to frequent over the years?

The Egg in Albany, NY
The Hamilton in Washington, DC
The Hive in Boise Idaho
Any of the Brooklyn Bowls


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