Live Music Daily Presents: LITZ Funks Moco at Villain and Saint


After  a great Hot August Festival Pre-Party, LITZ makes their return to Villain and Saint in Bethesda, MD on Saturday, December 17, 2017. Live Music Daily is pleased to join forces with one of the top rising electronic-jam-rock fusion acts on the live music circuit. The act is quickly garnering a following in the mid Atlantic for their high energy performances that celebrate the spirit of live improvisation even appearing at the renowned 9:30 Club in Washington, DC.

Jeff Myers Photography


LITZ brings together a wide array of musical influences ranging from funk, jam, go-go, soul, electronica and just about everywhere inbetween to amalgamate a new sound for the ears of the world. Their sound strides to sonically transport its listeners to another planet free of the stress, struggles, and tribulations of modern day life through the use of funky horn riffs, wah-wah keys, pounding bass, driving/progressive rhythms and melt your face guitar.

Video by Viking Sound Production


Jeff Myers Photography


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