Phish – 12/31/93 Contender for Best “Harry Hood” of All-Time

Contender for Best “Harry Hood” of All-Time


From Live Music Daily Choice Cuts

Picking the “best” version of any Phish song is certainly subjective, but there are often “go to” dates that fans can cite as the best version for many songs.

As I enjoyed listening to Phish this evening I came across one of my favorite renditions of “Harry Hood” from New Year’s Eve 1993 at Worcester Centrum Centre in Worcester, MA. The Hood appeared as the second to last song to conclude the 3rd set.

The first portion of the song is executed very well, but the improvisational passage at the end of the song just before the refrain, “you can feel good, good about hood, is very special. The epic jam, as most of you know, is a slow buildup towards a climatic peak with a very positive and happy energy. This jam seems to encapsulate the exploratory journey we all have through life and reminds us of all the great times we’ve enjoyed with my friends and family as Big Red, Cactus, Henrietta, and the Chairman of the boards ascend into a realm of uplifting musical bliss, the “IT” moment.

Let us know your favorite versions of “Harry Hood” in the comments section below.

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