Watch Now-Eric Krasno Releases Video for Track Featuring Derek Trucks

Jay Sansone

By Randy Harris • Photos by Jay Sansone

Listening to a collaboration such as this one, fusing the elegant and tactful styles of two of the great guitar minds of our time, reminds me of just how glad I am to live in the current era of music. Simply put, there is just so much great music out there in the world today, and we are all extremely fortunate to be able to experience it from whatever angles we so choose.

“Curse Lifter,” taken from the recently released Eric Krasno album Blood From A Stone, takes the soulfully jazzy style of Eric Krasno and the bluesy Southern slide guitar of Derek Trucks to form a perfect cocktail that merits its own distinct genre. It actually sounds like a Dickey Betts-led Allman Brothers tune (no doubt stemming from Trucks’ roots with ABB), but with enough of Krasno’s influence to turn it sideways down its own little rabbit hole.

Eric Krasno recently released a fittingly psychedelic video to accompany this incredible tune on his YouTube page (see below), as if we needed more than just the song to lift off into the ether. Blood From A Stone was released on July 8, 2016 and is available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and more.

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