Jeremy Garrett of the Infamous Stringdusters to Release RV Sessions: Volume 2


By Christopher Snyder

Jeremy Garrett, fiddle player for The Infamous Stringdusters, along with his wife, Connie, have combined two of their passions in life (the open road & music) and have made it their lifestyle. RV Sessions (Volume 2), set for a September 27th release, on Obsidian Records, showcases his extraordinary fiddle/mandolin/guitar skills.

With the opening number, “Cobra”, multi-instrumentalist Garrett, sets the stage early on, the Idaho native (Garrett), takes the listeners on a short two minute journey with his lightning fast mandolin and guitar picking. “Roswell”,  the third track off the all instrumental album, brings Jeremy’s fiddle to the forefront with some beautiful guitar licks in the background. This track will get audiences of all ages tapping along to beat. The virtuoso, over has been influenced by genres across the spectrum over. With opening of “High On A Ridge”, with close ear, you can hears of Irish/Celtic traditional music. Picking up the guitar, Garrett slows the pace down with “Land Lubber”, and proves that there are no boundaries with his musical talents. Bringing the album to a close, “So Long”, is the icing on the cake. Close your eyes and take a deep breathe as you absorb the sweet masterful sounds of Garrett’s fiddle on the finale.

RV Sessions (Volume 2) is an album that will be getting a number of “spins” by fans of Mr. Garrett’s for a long time.

Visit the online shop to pre-order a copy of The RV Sessions 2 today.

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