Watch WEEN’s Thursday Set at LOCKN’

Video of Ween’s Thursday set at LOCKN’ has emerged. Check out photos of WEEN from Thursday and Friday at the Festival.

Youtube User: Boognish Monster

01.Transdermal Celebration 1:53
02.The Grobe 6:30
03.Mister Richard Smoker 10:05
04.Mister Would You Please Help My Pony? 12:50
05.Happy Colored Marbles 17:00
06.How High Can You Fly? 22:40
07.Beacon Light 26:05
08.A Tear For Eddie 31:10
09.Baby Bitch 39:20
10.Boys Club 43:05
11.Up On The Hill 47:45
12.Nan 49:50
13.Im In The Mood To Move 53:17
14.Pumpin For The Man 55:00
15.Puerto Rican Power 57:55
16.Fat Lenny 59:45
17.Japanese Cowboy 1:05:40
18.Fluffy 1:10:20
19.Push The Lil Daisies Up 1:18:45
20.Play It Off Legit 1:22:30
21.Some Day 1:30:55
22.Sorry Charlie 1:35:20
22.Ocean Man 1:41:00
23.Poopship Destroyer 1:43:30
24.Zoloft 1:55:30
25.Pandy Fackler 2:00:40

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