AURA Music & Arts Festival Retires After 7 Magical Years

AURA festival is one of the most highly talked about events in the Florida and the country as a whole. Known for best for its special vibe, the festival has celebrated 7 incredible years. Today Cameron, Matt, Destiny, Craig, CJ, Bianca and the rest of the incredible team thank the AURAfam for everything and say farewell to this particular chapter in their musical adventure. Cheers to this team and all of their hard work over the years.
With more love than can be put into words, THANK YOU!
-Daryl Wolff, Founder, AURA Music & Arts Festival.

Dear AURAfam,

Since the inaugural AURA in 2010, over 18,000 tickets were sold, over 175 musical acts performed, over 50 visual artists painted live and over 150 different staff members came together to make this all possible for YOU!

After long deliberations with our team, we’ve decided that the event has far surpassed our goals and that we’re going to close this chapter of our lives. Producing a show of this scale is no easy task for an independent promoter, yet we still managed to pull off consistent growth each and every year since inception…. Pretty amazing!

I’m extremely proud of the community we’ve built, the memories we’ve made and the vast history of art, music, friendships and families that we leave in our footprints.

We’ve still got PLENTY of archives to release from the last seven years, including a complete video recap of the entire history of AURA Music & Arts Festival (coming soon!), so keep your eyes on our social networks!

On behalf of Cameron, Matt, Destiny, Craig, CJ, Bianca and our entire staff, I thank you all for your dedicated support to our vision. There is no greater feeling than bringing people together and creating smiles rooted around the common language of music, art, love and equality. 


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