Watch Now: Widespread Panic Covers Black Sabbath in Norfolk, VA!

Photo by Melissa Brugh

Melissa Brugh Photography

Widespread Panic just posted a new pro-shot video of Proving Ground > Sweet Leaf > Proving Ground from February 23, 2016 Norfolk, VA at Chrysler Hall. This features a nice standard opening “Proving Ground” a song that remains commonly played in the catalog. The curveball here is it is sandwiched in-between Black Sabbath’s “Sweet Leaf”, originally released in 1971. This marked the fourteenth time the group has covered the song. Jimmy Herring clearly enjoys rocking the power chords, Duane and Schools are locked in, JoJo hammers away on the ivories, and JB lends his vocals harnessing a bit of inner Ozzy Osbourne.

In all, a good way to rock your way through humpday. You can listen to the entire show via PanicStream or download at

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