Sir Joe Quarterman/ Fort Knox Five Collaborate on New Track “Don’t Go” to Celebrate DC Funk Parade


The Funk Parade will be celebrating its third year this Saturday along the U Street Corridor in the nation’s capital. One day full of funk, a celebration of music and this great city.

Today we are pleased to bring you creative mashup featuring DC funk & soul legend, Joe Quarterman, collaborating with Fort Knox Five for a one funky ride. The song is set for Worldwide Release on Friday May 6th, 2016 – the day before the third annual Funk Parade in Washington, DC on Saturday May 7th, 2016:

About Funk Parade

Funk Parade honors the power of bringing people together and making them feel all right. That power is embodied in the spirit of funk, and the U Street neighborhood. It began with two people who love Washington, DC, live music, and the U Street neighborhood: Justin Rood, a lifelong DC resident, and Chris Naoum, whose organization Listen Local First has helped hundreds of musicians find audiences and gigs throughout the Washington area. The project has since been embraced by dozens of local businesses, neighborhood groups, community leaders, musicians and artists, who have pledged their support to the event. They hope you will join them and the mighty Funk Parade!

Preorder & stream on Bandcamp now:…joe-quarterman

*Cover Photo by Josh Brick Graphics

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