Umphrey’s McGee Live at the House of Blues in Dallas, TX (Photo Recap)

Umphrey’s McGee + TAUK

House of Blues – Dallas, TX – April 23, 2016

Mountain Trout Photography

UM HOB 4-23--3

Setlist via All Things Umphrey’s


Set 1: Lucid State >  Get In The Van,  All In Time >  Walletsworth,  Gone for Good[1],  Uncle Wally[1],  Utopian Fir[2] -> Walk the Proud Land[3] >  Booth Love[4]

Set 2: Bridgeless -> 2×2[5],  Mulche’s Odyssey,  Kashmir,  August -> Final Word >  August >  Bridgeless

Encore: Drums[6] >  All In Time

[1] with Brendan and Jake on acoustics

[2] with Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Black Sabbath) jam

[3] with Low Rider (War) teases

[4] with Alric Carter on keyboards, Charlie Dolan and Isaac Teel on percussion, and Matt Jalbert on guitar

[5] with Mind Left Body (Kanter/Garcia) jam

[6] with Isaac Teel on percussion

Support: TAUK
Purchase via UMLive04.23.2016, House of Blues, Dallas, TX

 UM HOB 4-23--5

UM HOB 4-23--6

UM HOB 4-23--7

UM HOB 4-23--8

UM HOB 4-23--9

UM HOB 4-23--10

UM HOB 4-23--11

 UM HOB 4-23--13

UM HOB 4-23--14

UM HOB 4-23--15

UM HOB 4-23--16

UM HOB 4-23--17

UM HOB 4-23--18

UM HOB 4-23--19

UM HOB 4-23--20

UM HOB 4-23--21

UM HOB 4-23--22

UM HOB 4-23--23

UM HOB 4-23-

UM HOB 4-23-2

UM HOB 4-23-597

UM HOB 4-23-712-2

UM HOB 4-23-790

UM HOB 4-23-885

UM HOB 4-23-988

UM HOB 4-23-1029

UM HOB 4-23-1064

UM HOB 4-23-1486

UM HOB 4-23-1606


TAUK HOB 4-23-


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