Aztec Sun to Perform at Washington City Paper’s ‘Best of DC’ Tonight – Exclusive Free Downloads


We recently spoke with Stephane Detchou who is the front-man of a the talented DMV act, Aztec Sun. The band features a horn section, tight grooves, and a great balance of song driven intention within each piece. In celebration of their performance tonight at “Best of DC” hosted by the Washington City Paper we are pleased to offer two exclusive free downloads.

Heroes & Villains:

“When I brought a demo of the song to an AZTEC SUN (AZS) rehearsal, I had a verse (the Villain), a chorus (the Hero) and an idea for a breakdown as a 3rd section. The beauty of our diverse musical upbringings is that songs become much larger very quickly. Within a few tries and discussion, Heroes & Villains became a heavy, lip-pursing, funk instrumental we could jam in and out of. I think the song showcases our band’s cohesion (most of the song has both the rhythm and horn section playing the same lines) and also our ability to use different genres to expand our sound (the breakdown section features a jazzy sax solo on top of synth-like bass lines). It’s also a great song to get down and groove to.”

Free Download


My Way Home:

“A few times a year, AZS organizes a retreat to get away from the city to focus on our songwriting, performance and making plans. “My Way Home” was borne from one such weekend. Overall, the song is our twist on gospel music the horns play a prominent, memorable line and sit atop the sounds of a classic organ, keyboards and drums. Lyrically, it’s a song about self-motivation and keeping the conviction that you’ll figure out your life’s purpose– your way “home”.

Free Download


Cover shot and artwork by Dennis Myers Photography 

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