An Evening With Brock Butler of Perpetual Groove Live in Boca Raton, FL (Concert Review)

   An Evening With Brock Butler

Funky Buddha Lounge – Boca Raton, FL – Feb. 25, 2016


By Eytan Eilender • Vidoes by CHeeSeHeaDPRoDuCTioNS • Photos by James E. F. Young

Only one month after Perpetual Groove’s triumphant return to the Culture Room where they blew it out of the water for two nights, Brock Butler returned to South Florida to play a solo show at the Funky Buddha Lounge in Boca Raton.  It was such a treat to have him back to play for us again so soon.  A Brock solo show has a totally different feel to it.  There is a blissful intimacy and gorgeous raw nature to his performance.  He fills the air with beauty, while everyone gets to have their souls serenaded.  This night would prove no different.

He played 2 Full Sets, a brief three song 3rd set and an Encore.  There was a nice blend of Perpetual Groove classics mixed with some Brock originals, and a delicious choice of cover songs. Early on in the first set, he played a beautiful rendition of Tom Petty’s ‘Time To Get Going’ which soothed the crowd.  Next up came a smooth take on the jazzy ‘A Go Go’, by John Scofield, and the people were grooving. Without a doubt, the highlight of the first set came in the form of a couple of Perpetual Groove favorites wrapped together with a bow.

‘All This Everything Part 1’ was absolutely pure bliss which filled our hearts, and to follow was a brilliant solo acoustic rendition of ‘Paper Dolls’ which was played with intensity and passion. Dear Prudence was another enjoyable cover during the first set. However, the rest of the night would only get better.

The second set opened up with a harrowingly beautiful version of the Peter Gabriel tune ‘Talk To Me’ with Emily Carroll, bandleader of Sea & Space, sitting in on vocal harmonies.  Brock and Emily collaborated on this tune for the first time at Aura Music Festival in 2013, and the result was magic.  It was an absolute pleasure to hear them perform it again in a small intimate setting.  Emily’s vocals hit straight to the soul, and resonated powerfully.  Following that was a soulful rendition of Taj Mahal’s ‘Lovin’ In My Baby’s Eyes’ which Brock poured his soul into.  From there came a lovely version of Hall & Oats ‘She’s Gone’ which got the crowd moving, and then his version of Pink Floyd ‘Us & Them’ had everyone melting.

Brock took a brief break and took the stage again for a wonderful three song segment, which was followed by an encore.  It opened up with a top notch cover of ‘Like The Wheel’ by The Tallest Man On Earth, and was followed by another lovely cover of M. Ward’s ‘To Go Home’ and he had everyone in a tranquil trance.  This was where he went for the jugular, by closing the set with a blisteringly passionate version of the Perpetual Groove classic ‘It Starts Where It Ends’, which was so heartfelt and riveting that no one in attendance will forget the feeling it evoked. The vibe in the room was overwhelmingly wonderful.  He then left the stage and returned to play a stirring version of ‘Climbing To The Moon’ by the group eels, which is an old school cover tune of his, and left everyone warm and tingly.

All in all, it was a beautiful night to be had.  Brock did not disappoint, and we were all privileged to bask in the beauty of his solo show.  It is so wonderful to see him happy & healthy, and filling up our souls again like only he can.  Perpetual Groove has a solid amount of shows scheduled for this year already and there are nothing but exciting things on the horizon. Cheers to the bright future ahead.


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