Lenzman & Dan Stezo – The Dope Tape – Drum ‘n’ Bass

Lenzman & Dan Stezo

 The Dope Tape – D&B Mix


For those of you in the Mid Atlantic and Northeast, time to shake off the Jonas snowstorm blues. Here is a fire Drum ‘n’ Bass mixtape from Amsterdam based DJ Lenzman to power you through humpday. This 70 minute mix focuses on the “Golden Age of Hip-Hop with 90s mixtape aesthetics”. Lenzman is joined by his long-time friend and MC, Dan Stezo. This is the best of the D&B world mixed with some of our favorite hip-hop artists, definitely recommend you give this one a listen.

The remix theme couldn’t be more appropriate as Lenzman recently dropped his Golden Age EP on Metalheadz earlier this month.

Lenzman is my favorite DJ and producer at the moment!  Everything he touches these days is red hot, his live dj sets, his tunes and remixes and dj mixes like this one.  Lenzman represents the best of what drum’n’bass has to offer; fresh beats, cutting edge production, soulful melodies and deep rolling basslines.  Big ups Lenzman each and every time” – Andy Cerutti, 2Tuff Productions, DC




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