Watch Roosevelt Collier & Special Guest Dante Harmon on Sacred Steel at Aisle 5 in Atlanta

Roosevelt Collier’s Allstar Throwdown Pt.1 (Initial Thoughts)

Roosevelt Collier is one of the most humble musicians on the music scene, period. We went to church Saturday night at Aisle 5 with Roosevelt on sacred steel, Rick Lollar (guitar), Kevin Scott (bass), Matt Slocum (keys) and Mark Raudabaugh (drums). These guys have been playing for years. In fact, Rick grew up playing music with Roosevelt and he’s been jamming with Slocum for nearly a decade as well. This was a friendly get together for a night of fun with longtime friends. There is one thing that this circle of musicians has in common, extraordinary talent and humility.

We’ll have more photos and videos heading your way throughout the week, but for this part I’d like to focus highlight Dante Harmon, who was named “the minister of sacred steel” by Bo Emerson of the Atlanta Journal Constitution. He sat down for a double pedal steel throw down on Saturday night. As you know, sacred steel originated in African-American Pentecostal churches. This is spiritual music in the highest form that it comes, the sacred steel talks to your heart and soul.  That is exactly what happened Saturday night in Atlanta.

Check out this great video by our friend Vincent Tseng featuring Rev. Dante Harmon and Roosevelt trading some soulful chops back and forth.

More photos, videos, and review coming soon.

Photo & Videos by Vincent Tseng

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