Widespread Panic Kicks off their Sold Out 3 Night NYE Run at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta

Panic Kicks off the First Night of Their NYE Run at the Fox Theatre


By Paul Allen

Widespread Panic kicked off their New Years festivities in Atlanta last night with a show featuring locked in playing and surprise covers. The opening “Sell Sell” gave Jimmy and JoJo a chance to shine. The ensuing cover of Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades” fed the raucous atmosphere in the Fox Theater, a fitting tribute to the recently deceased Motorhead bassist Lemmy Kilmister. The band followed up with a scorching string of Panic originals including an outstanding version of “Papa’s Home” that will carry some serious playback value.

Towards the end of the first set, the band welcomed Chuck Leavell (formerly of the Allman Brothers, also known for his work with the Rolling Stones). Leavell lead the band through a couple of first time covers for Widespread Panic, including the Rolling Stones’ “Dead Flowers” and a phenomenal version of the Allman Brothers classic “Jessica”.

The second set would feature some more high level playing from the band including a string of Jimmy Cliff covers, revisiting the band’s recent performance at Lockn’.

The band closed the show with another string of Panic originals including a top notch version of “Pigeons”. Jimmy’s final solo during the “Porch Song” encore was a not so subtle reminder of what is to come over the next two nights. The band undoubtedly came to play in one of the most iconic music venues in the US. The atmosphere outside the theater and inside was at a level I haven’t seen at a Widespread Panic show.

Pretty much everyone left the show with the same thought, “damn, that was only night one?” Buckle up good people, I have a feeling we’re in for another two scorchers from the Home Team.

Via PanicStream.com

Dec 29 | Fox Theatre | 8:30 ET
Set 1 Sell Sell, Ace of Spades, Tall Boy, Surprise Valley > Driving Song > Papa’s Home > Driving Song, Holden Oversoul, Low Down Dirty Dog Blues*, Dead Flowers*, Jessica* (71 mins)
Set 2 Old Neighborhood, Cotton Was King, Good People > Jam > Who Do You Belong To?, Many Rivers To Cross*, I Can See Clearly Now*, Sitting In Limbo* > Drums > Drums & Bass > Blue Indian, Climb To Safety, Pigeons (96 mins)
Encore Blackout Blues*, Porch Song* (13 mins)
Notes * w/ Chuck Leavell on vocals / keys
‘Ace of Spades’ in tribute to Lemmy Kilmister (Motorhead)
First Time Played: ‘Low Down Dirty Dog Blues’ (Son House), ‘Dead Flowers’ (Rolling Stones), ‘Jessica’ (ABB) with Jimmy on Gibson guitar

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