Steve Gorman Says Chris Robinson “Killed” The Black Crowes 25th Anniversary Tour Plans


Steve Gorman, drummer of the famous rock n roll outfit, the Black Crowes, recently opened up in an interview published today to discuss the break up of the band. There has been a good deal of back and forth on stories regarding the breakup. Steve is hesitant at first to go into details and even notes that he doesn’t really care to discuss band politics outside of bands in general. But in this case, he does feel a need of sorts, at least it seems, to give fans some sort of answer, understandably so. In addition to breaking up the 25th anniversary celebratory tour, Gorman also says they were planning to film a documentary. Not sure about you, but I would love to have seen a documentary on a band that is one of the last true living bands that embody the idea of what it is to be a rock n roll band.

“He [Chris Robinson] demanded that my share go to him and that I go to salary, that’s entirely true. He demanded that Rich take far less, that’s entirely true… That’s entirely true. Those were his terms. The band had all agreed and were actively planning to tour in 2015, a 25th anniversary celebratory tour. He killed it.” – Steve Gorman, Drummer, Black Crowes

Stream the full interview below.

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