Artifakts “Not Quite Gone” featuring Michal Menert (Free Download)

Facebook Official Photo (Michal Menert)

Artifakts is one of our favorite soulful electronic artists on the rise. Just hours ago, he released “Not Quite Gone” featuring Michal Menert. Menert, who is on Pretty Lights Music, has been creating intriguing sound landscapes of futuristic space jazz for years and he’s certainly not new to collaborations both onstage and in the studio.

“Not Quite Gone” is a pretty good listen from start to finish. The sound is exactly what you’d expect, Artifakts sound sprinkled with the vibrant sound palette of Michal Menert. The overall mood of the song is ambient and mellow, but it certainly is not a passive piece. The steady bass line, smooth ivories, and reverb soaked horns take listeners on a mellow, yet energized, journey.

Free Download

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