Georgia Theatre Free Ticket Giveaway: Twiddle & The Werks October 14th in Athens!

Free Ticket Giveaway: Twiddle & The Werks Live at the Georgia Theatre


Twiddle is definitely one of the fastest growing jambands on the live music circuit. These Burly town guys have been road warriors in recent years and to say it is paying off is an understatement at best. This week they will be joined by The Werks on their TWERK tour which stops in the classic city (Athens, GA) at one of the most treasured venues for hardworking artists, the Georgia Theatre.

We are giving away a pair of FREE Tickets to the show . Just visit our Facebook page and “Share” the post and tag a friend you’d like to attend the show. Or just fill out the form below and tell us why you want to get down with Twiddle and the Werks this Wednesday night!

Twiddle doesn’t just play their songs either, they take them for rides into the stratosphere with spot-on improvisation and a massive amount of talent.
– Matthew Bowers

Twiddle, a Vermont based quartet, spins tall tales over an intricate soundscape of hi-def shred. Their fresh multi-genre approach conjures up jazz, classical, and bluegrass, but above all, masterfully blends reggae and funk. Obliterating laws of improvisation, their complex arrangements never fail to leave crowds lusting for more. With sage songwriting and unmatched variety, Twiddle’s thrilling infancy will surely exceed all expectation.

The Werks

The Werks have quickly emerged as a national powerhouse. As a result of their eclectic individual influences, The Werks produce a dance party that can be appreciated by a majority of musical tastes. Known for fusing psychedelic shredding guitar, wailing organ of jam and classic rock with funk slap bass, synthesizers, and modern dance beats, The Werks create their own style of music. Their unique style of performing is affected and manipulated by the energy of the audience, guaranteeing that each show will be different and memorable.

“The hate is gone, there is no wrong, you are in paradise” – The Werks


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