Electric Love Machine (ELM)

 Band of the Week


By Matthew Bowers

Electric Love Machine. That is what the acronym ELM stands for, and it is honestly the perfect way to describe the band and their sound.. Hailing from Baltimore, this band has been cranking out tunes and destroying dance floors in the DMV for a couple of years now. And their album “XenofoneX” is a great collection of songs. As much as we would like to keep them for ourselves here in the area, they’re just too good to not be shared. With no question I can say that the quick growth of the band and their following over the past two and a half years is just a small piece of what’s to come for this fantastic group of musicians.

 Don’t just call them a “jamtronica” band. They definitely have elements of that sound but they can do so much more than that. From funk to rock and a mix of everything in between, to say they are diverse may be an understatement. – Matthew Bowers

The quartet is comprised by lead guitar player Jon Wood, keys player Jon Brady, drummer Steve Gorsuch, and bassist Alex Lang. They are all accomplished musicians and have all been ingrained in the Baltimore music scene. They’re a well-oiled machine (an Electric Love Machine to be specific) and they have an undeniable knack for being able to play as a singular unit and take songs into deep exploratory territory. They never seem to lose a groove, and their shows are dance parties start to finish. Anyone who’s a fan of sweaty dance floors and jams with lofty peaks will no doubt be a fan of ELM.


Being from the area, I’ve had a chance to see these guys play several times and I am in no way biased when I say that they get better every time I see them play. The growth of the crowds that come out to the shows is a testament to that, and the buzz is starting to spread. They played several festival spots this past summer, and have been travelling farther away from the DMV region to play shows as word has gotten out.

Capable of creating a wide variety of sonic landscapes, it’s hard to box them in to any specific genre label. Drawing from original tunes and unique covers that are always spot on, they seem to have a little something for everyone. Don’t just call them a “jamtronica” band. They definitely have elements of that sound but they can do so much more than that. From funk to rock and a mix of everything in between, to say they are diverse may be an understatement.

I went to their most recent show at the 8×10 and had an absolute blast. There were smiles from wall to wall, and as far as I could tell there wasn’t a single person standing still for the duration of the two set party. Out of a show full of highlights, the No Quarter > Free segment and the 20-minute “Electrotica” (an original song off the band’s album) really stood out. The entire show is worth a playback, as the band really let loose and took all of the songs for a ride. It was a family affair full of amazing vibes and energy as the band gave their hometown crowd everything they had. Don’t take it from me though, take a listen for yourself and make sure you check these guys out when they play in your town.


ELM Live at 8×10 in Baltimore, MD – Sept. 18, 2015

Download Full Concert 

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9/18/15 Setlist
The 8×10 – Baltimore, MD
Opus 89
Cerulean Sun >
No Quarter* >
Tron’s Legacy #
Tomorrow Knows
Dance Floor Politics
Parallels #
Dance In the Light >
Weird Fishes #*** >
Dance In the Light
Binary Soul
Hammerstrike #****
Benny & the Jets #*****
Set Notes:
w/ lespecial
#- First time played
*- Led Zeppelin
**- Phish
***- Radiohead
****- Lotus
*****- Elton John

Collection ELM_music
Band/Artist ELM (Electric Love Machine)
Venue 8×10

Source SBD>Zoom H5n > DAT >
Lineage FCP > AIFF
Taped by Brendan Sullivan

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