Giving Back: DelFest Foundation Donates $48,500 to 17 Different Charities

Giving Back: DelFest Foundation Donates $48,500 to 17 Different Charities


Delfest was a weekend of exceptional pickin’ and good vibes over Memorial Day weekend in Cumberland, MD. Del has always been a well respected hero in the Bluegrass and Americana sphere and the event serves a homecoming of sorts for a devoted live music fanbase. This is one of the most highly praised festivals of the summer. Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of GREAT festivals, but year after year the positive remarks about Delfest always makes it stick out from the pack when all is said and done after fest season.

In fact, this past year marked not only the 8th Annual Delfest, but it also served as an opportunity to do some good and give back to the community. Enjoying music and helping others at the same time is most certainly a win-win situation. We must always keep in mind that music may be life, but so are so many other things. Pleased to say that Del McCoury knows this very well. The Delfest Foundation gave $48,500 to 17 different charities yesterday.

Keep on picking Del, we love you.

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“We are happy to be able to do something for the area. It’s our chance to give something back to a community that has been very supportive,” said Del McCoury.

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