Mike Gordon – Magnaball Bluegrass Lemonade Stand Jam & A Look at Gordo’s Past Bluegrass Adventures

Mike Gordon – Magnaball Bluegrass Lemonade Stand Jam

& A Look at Gordo’s Past Bluegrass Adventures

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I really enjoy watching Gordo perform with Phish, but as they say, variety is the spice of life. Bluegrass is a niche that Phish occasionally flirts with on a few tracks like “Poor Heart,” “Ginseng Sullivan,” and even “Scent of a Mule” (which is more of a hybrid of bluegrass and other genres). In 1994, the band famously invited “Reverend” Jeff Mosier on tour to perform with them and teach them about the magic of bluegrass. 21 years later, the whole gang still holds onto many of the lessons learned from that great year.

This past weekend at Phish’s Magnaball Festival, Gordo joined a bluegrass band for a delightful “Lemonade Stand Jam” of sorts this weekend, as his daughter set up a lemonade stand right next to the impromptu group. Crowds gathered around, snapchatting, facetiming and photographing yet another episode of “Mike in the House.” Mike has been known to wander amongst fans along Shakedown Street, often spotted cruising in a golf cart.  It’s always fun to see him out and about, particularly at a phestival. But a performance with another group is truly a joy to see. While he was just jamming with Rambler’s Grove in this video, I’d like to just go on a side tangent about Gordo and bluegrass.

Video by Peter Wallace – Wallography

Some of you may remember Gordo’s work back in the day with acoustic guitar genius Leo Kottke. In fact, Gordo liked Kottke’s music so much that he recorded bass parts over them and sent those to Kottke. Check out the excerpt from this passage below with innerviews.net

 I followed through with my scheme by adding an intricate bass part to one of his songs and gave it to him along with my book Mike’s Corner, an issue of Bass Player with me on the cover, and a copy of Story of the Ghost, the most recent Phish album at the time. The package seemed to get his attention. – Mike Gordon

Here’s a few videos of Gordo with Leo Kottke:

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