The Revivalists 

Men Amongst Mountains

The “Rev Heads” speak out 


By Barry Brandow & fellow Revheads • Photos by Michelle Stancil

I was extremely thrilled when Live Music Daily asked me to write a review of The Revivalists new 14 song album MEN AMONGST MOUNTAINS. After all, they are one of my favorite bands and this is an extraordinary album. Then I thought about what I was going to write about the album and each song. Before I started to write a unique idea occurred to me. Instead of ONE guy sitting at his computer with a thesaurus, trying to think of 100 different ways to say “amazing,” we should ask the views and opinions of the most knowledgeable and passionate fans of the band: members of the Facebook fan page, “Rev Heads”. They are loyal fans from all over the country. Fans from the Northeast, from the West Coast, the mid-west, the South and the awesome fan base that they’ve built in Pensacola Fl., and even the home field of New Orleans, LA. Some who have been fans since the early years of the bands inception and some who have just been recently introduced to the music of The Revivalists. The enthusiasm and support was incredible as views, comments, personal stories, and opinions came pouring in. All of them wanting to express their thoughts and feelings about the new album, as well as show love and gratitude for the years of great music and good times.

What you are about to read is an “amazing,” genuine and heartfelt collection of those views, comments, and opinions that EVERY band wishes to read…from fans EVERY band wishes to have. Please enjoy!

“The new CD follows me where ever I go…from car to work, work into car, car into apartment etc. So good” – Troy Mizgala, Greensboro NC


Men Amongst Mountains is going to be the album that catapults The Revivalists to the next tier and they are going to explode from there, as they are already starting to do.

Being David’s (Shaw) sister, I have witnessed the early years of his first budding interest into the guitar. The vocals were something that came much later. I have seen David blossom, and what it has done for our family… That’s a whole nutha’ story!!! It’s brought life and REVITALIZATION!!! Music truly runs the world, and is SO important.    Any way…

I love all of the songs, “Monster” and “Keep Going” being 2 of my favs on this album. But honestly, there isn’t a bad song, they all ROCK…right??? The more I listen, the more I love it. Every member of The Revs shines and they are all such talented and gifted musicians. I feel so honored and privileged to share in this creative, loud, fun and crazy world this seven piece show stopping band creates. – Joy Marino, Atlanta GA.  


I’ve been a longtime fan of “another band”, traveling all over the United States since 2003 to see them live. As some bands do, they’ve began to fizzle out and lose a lot of that spark and magic they used to have. The Revivalists are the first band I’ve found in many years that rekindle my love of live music and give me that spark I used to feel about this “other bands” shows, something I didn’t imagine any other band could do”.     Chad Jones, Conway Arkansas

“Since first seeing and subsequently becoming a pretty huge fan of The Revivalists, one of the most exciting yet difficult things has been hearing them play “new music” at shows, and then NOT being able to download it… to listen freely whenever I wanted. My best friend and I would frequently ask the guys after the show “So, when is the new album coming out?” This was usually met with a laugh, smile, or smirk followed by “We’re working on it! We promise! We’re busy! We’re trying!” We were always satisfied with this answer because we truly believed that when they were finally ready, finally done, that what they would give us would be a real gift – and it is!” Kate Reynolds, Boston Mass

“I am loving the musicianship demonstrated on this album. Sharing it with everyone I know” Lois Brandow, Marlton NJ

“The band is so good at slow build ups and really high crescendos at the chorus that just bury you in the songs. All the pieces feed off each other’s passion and it comes through in the music. It’s hard to write reviews or thoughts about the songs because they’re all just so good. As a body of work this album covers everything. It Was a Sin, Gold to Glass, Monster, Stand Up, Fade Away, it’s all of them. Everyone owes it to themselves to give this album a full listen through. I can almost guarantee it will be one of your favorites. Let the music take you somewhere, it’s quite the journey.” – Charee Fairchild, Kennewick Wa.

“ Am I just so biased that I will love everything these guys do or is this one of the best albums I’ve gotten in the last decade” “ How many albums can you listen straight through without fast forwarding any songs in your album collections?” Troy Mizgala, Greensboro NC 

“On Men Amongst Mountains, three years of dedication, discipline and grit create a diverse array of songs that set the bar for synchrony. Producer Ben Ellman deserves his own accolades for lending a careful hand every moment of this great collection, creating a sound that allows for the separate talents of all seven musicians to shine. There are profound emotional moments in some songs while others reflect the jamming, funky fun of their adopted home town of New Orleans.   The initial response from fellow Revivalists fans demonstrates how they can touch a wide array of people in a variety of ways. Sharing this music enriches the listening experience with each playback, and connects us to each other. Their followers are immensely proud of what the Revivalists have accomplished, and humble as they are, they should be too.”   Kate Siemens , New Orleans La.

“I spent an hour at the gym to listen to it again” Tracy Lynn Krauss, Long Beach NY

“Tracy…proving that listening to The Revivalists can be good for your health” Lois Brandow, Marlton NJ


Track 1 – Keep Going

“Ever had a song kidnap you? I could listen to nothing but Keep Going multiple times this week. It started innocently one day driving to work, when it was over I just hit repeat. I figured out by taking the long way I can listen to it 4 1/2 times before work. Later in the week I found myself having hard days and would put it on. It definitely changed my mood. Music is awesome like that, and this song just fills all your empty parts. Lots of my friends are scattered all around the US. Friends that I’ve made through the bands I love. Music is almost always the common link between me and these friends, I miss them so much when they’re not with me. This song is a nice reminder that we just ‘keep going’ and we will be dancing together again soon, hopefully at a Revivalists show.”Charee Fairchild, Kennewick Wa.

Keep Going is the shit!! Great way to start the morning.” David Lamoureux Jr, Hamden Conn.


“Keep Going – Two words that say so much about the hard fought rising career of these seven artists. Listening to the lyrics has you easily painting a story in your head, as is the case with essentially every Revivalist tune. Thankfully the writing doesn’t become plainly predictable though, as is the case with essentially everything else you hear on traditional radio today. The solid chorus and the “nah nahs” are certain to have you singing along in your head, if not unabashedly out loud while you’re working out (highly recommended for your fitness playlist). But be warned – you might still be bouncing along to the uplifting melody in your daily life, with a few “nah nah’s” or a couple Keep Goings. The talent, class and effort this band puts into every single track, and every day on stage, definitely means The Revivalists deserve to Keep Going up and up.”   Jon Ervin, Santa Rosa Beach Fl.


“Keep Going..lyrically brilliant and OMG how can you not dance around your living room like an idiot as it plays” Charee Fairchild, Kennewick Wa.


Track 2 – Wish I Knew You

“​Men Amongst Mountains is another album that will go down in the books of great music.  I was not at all surprised that this new album generated just as much feeling within me as the previous albums.  Much like anyone, there are always certain songs that we are drawn to. “Wish I Knew You” was the first song that I listened to on repeat for days on end.  The sound and the beat are always the first thing to draw me in with any song.  I usually know within the first few seconds whether or not a song is going to fill my soul or not and this song snatched me up with the first listen.  I’ve gone through many phases of emotional life lessons and growth in these last couple of turbulent years.  The lyrics of “Wish I Knew You” generate an image of someone, much like myself, that throughout many hard years and life experiences, has let the innocence slip away and succumbed to feelings of loneliness, fear, and trepidation.  He yearns to see the “real” girl trapped inside and for her to realize the beauty and strength that she has.   He craves to know what she was like before she had let life alter her existence.  The song hits a spot deep within me because I feel like he is trying to let her know that she is not alone anymore, she doesn’t have to run anymore, and that what he sees is beauty within, and all around her.  Things that are easy to forget when one has struggled so hard.” – Liesel Waters, Los Angeles Ca.

“The harmonies and nuances are tremendous. I’m loving it. Everyone shines” Lois Brandow, Marlton NJ


Track 3 – Gold To Glass


“This is one of those songs that doesn’t let you go. It’s dark, but sometimes you need dark nights to show you the light.   I feel like David takes simple words that fit so well and injects them into songs with such life and force. Not many are as passionate, It’s hard to describe it without just listening, it’s a gift, and he’s got it.”  – Charee Fairchild, Kennewick Wa


“I took the long way home from work yesterday. Wicked long way to rock out to the new album” LOL David Lamoureux, Hamden Conn


A darker track, Gold To Glass grabs you from the beginning of the drum loop as you feel the angst of the addict reaching out for help but getting pulled back into the addiction for “just a little mischief” The vocals are done with a near-cracking voice, making the track that much more compelling Christy Paul, Medford NJ


“Gold to Glass…Different and I love it. Every…damn…song. I’ve never loved an album more in my life” Charee Fairchild, Kennewick Wa.

Track 4 – It Was A Sin

“I can’t remember exactly the first time I heard, “It Was A Sin”. It was sometime during 2014 and it was love at first chorus. Something about the lyrics – “we can get loaded on the things that I can’t change”, and David’s voice as it builds up to the chorus made an everlasting impression on me. I have always been a music lover and I cannot remember the last time a song made me feel this way. I can listen to it 24/7and never get tired of it – it gives me chills, brings tears of joy to my face and makes me smile wide every time. The day I got the album I was that girl with the music blasting jamming out at a stop light – the guy next to me probably thought I was nuts, but it needed to be done.” – Samantha White, Greensboro NC


“I think I may need an ‘It Was A Sin’ support group. I can’t get over how great the song is and have had it on repeat for over an hour.” Bobby Bruno, Chicago Ill.


“Love the buildup on ‘It Was A Sin’ around the 1:14 mark. Like a plane about to take off. To me it seems these guys know exactly when and where in each song to cut loose and rock the fuck out. Real talent!” David Lamoureux Jr, Hamden Conn


Track 5 – Monster

“Lyrics are a huge part of what draws me to music.   If Shakespeare were alive today, he’d be a rock star.   “She said she wants to tell me everything all night long, she said she want to get her name into a song…”A rock and roll chick’s dream. Getting glimmers of his soul as the poetry flows. Thinking that she get him; thinking that maybe, just maybe, he gets her. He watches her, and thinks the same thing. Realizing how rare that actually is. Then realizing that it stopped being that simple a long time ago. And that he has demons. And maybe she does too. But something inside keeps saying that maybe they can give each other the solace so desperately needed. Even while he keeps proving himself unworthy of her love. “But you better stop and save yourself, you could have anyone else”….but you know deep down, neither one of them is able to walk away. Because, maybe, just maybe, they are each other’s best hope. “I gotta leave you alone, but I can’t leave you alone……” Debi Ellis McDonald, Mine Hill NJ

“I feel like the new album, it’s almost like it’s inside my body and playing out of my skin…If that makes any sense…lol” Charee Fairchild, Kennewick Wa.


“Monster starts out small and simple and ends BIG! I let out a big “OH WOW” as I listened to the bridge build into the last part of the song. Great storytelling of hooking up from the bands perspective.” –  Christy Paul, Medford NJ


“Monster is a MONSTER” Sloan Allison, Chattanooga Tn.


Track 6 – King Of What


“Random lyrics just pop into my head all day long Janice Ramsey, Marlton NJ

Just when you think you know what to expect from a new Revivalist album, you get served a slow curve ball. My first listen to the full album was on July 13th when Paste Magazine streamed the album in advance of the July 17th release. Multi-tasking with The Revivalists blaring is common place for me at home, the office, and in my car. So with headphones connected, I was dialed in at work giving the album a careful listen while I worked… instantly filled with that familiar feel-good energy from The Revivalists’ music.

Then track 6 started and it caught me off guard. I literally stopped what I was doing to really listen. And then I played “King of What” over and over before moving on to track 7, Stand Up. Nothing like having a social media outlet to holler out to the world about a new song that shook your soul.

“King of What” drew me in from the first guitar note. Having been to two acoustic shows by Shaw at Callaghan’s in Mobile, AL and a duo show with Shaw/Feinberg in Pensacola over the past year, I was instantly transported back to the intimacy of these shows.

There is nothing complicated in “King of What”- no instrumental tension, no big crescendos, no jump out of your seat and dance rhythm … it is just a simple melodic masterpiece with mesmerizing vocals showcasing Shaw’s distinct voice, beautifully subtle instrumentals, smooth harmonies and thought provoking lyrics. Lyrics that beg to be better understood. It could almost be a soundtrack for a movie. How unexpected.

“King of What” is one of the older songs to make the Men Amongst Mountains album according to Feinberg from an impromptu, rainy day interview in Gulf Shores, May 2015.

Dave: We recorded a few older songs. Most of the songs we have been playing live.

Zack: We played “The King of What” live one time a few years ago in Pensacola. It was great in the moment but there was a disagreement because some wanted to rock it out and the producer wanted it to be acoustic.

Michael: Some songs are better developed in the studio and some are better developed live. That was one of the songs that needed to go into the studio and find its place.

I am thrilled it founds its place on the album. Although I don’t expect to hear “King of What” regularly on tour, rumor has it that they have done a special live version of it recently on the road. Until I get a chance to hear their live version, I will continue to keep “King of What” on ‘repeat’.

 -Michelle Stancil Gulf Shores Ala.

Track 7 – Stand Up

“Stand Up, that’s literally what happens the moment you hear Mike G’s funky keys. The next thing you notice is the smooth acoustic guitar keeping rhythm which is one of then really cool elements of the song. Dave’s incredible vocals come in next, almost taking to you at first, telling you his story. After Dave’s “Take it away” you get some ghostly steel from Ed accompanied by some cool licks from Zack and George. Rob jumps in next and takes the lead with some fantastic sax play. This is the point that during a live show the crowd is in a musical frenzy and the guys managed to capture that energy in the studio, no small feat! Stand Up is pure Revivalists at their best and will be a favorite of both the casual fan and Rev Heads alike!”   Michael McElvy, Panama City Fl.

It’s so funky in such a good way! Love it! Each of the songs are different and so good” Rebecca Costa, Elysburg Pa.

Track 8 – All In The Family

I love every song on Men Amongst Mountains. All fourteen are powerful in their own way.   Whether it’s a softer passionate song like “Monster” or a high intensity rocker like “All In The Family”. Being a fan of metal growing up, (before my Deadhead days) I always love when a band can crossover musical genres, step out of the box, and bust into a ‘balls out’ power anthem. The song “All In The Family” totally kicks ass from beginning to end!!!   Just like all the other songs on the album, it also ‘crosses over’ well from live to studio.   I find myself rockin just as hard whether I’m on the rail at a show in Philly, or cruising in the ‘Revmobile’ on my way to work at 5am.   I may not be able to “shake the funk out my ass” like at a show, but I can’t sit still either. I still manage to run ‘air-bass’ lines with George in the beginning, whip my hair while playing ‘air-drums’ along with Andrew in the middle, and then break out the ‘air-guitar’ when Zacks frantically wild guitar solo kicks in near the end!  I also like what I believe the meaning of the song is. From the band and crew, to their families, to their friends, to their fans…we are ALL one big family.   Another reason I love this band! Barry Brandow, Marlton NJ

“ I just make random excuses to leave my house at 11:15 pm so that I can listen to more of the new album at a loud volume before going to bed…I would really like to discuss this ‘support group’ thing” Charee Fairchild, Kennewick Wa.

Track 9 – Move On

Music can take you on a journey. It can bring you to laughter or tears. Every once in a while it can bring a smile to your soul. Men Amongst Mountains has been a gift to my soul.

The song “Move On” is at the midway point of the album. It follows the solid guitar shredding in “All in the Family” but holds its own in the rotation! Like its siblings, “Move On” has powerful, soulful vocals which dynamically fuse together with the remainder of this 7 piece band. Collectively, The Revivalists create sounds as rich and vibrant as the Crescent City where they have established their roots. The influences of New Orleans are clearly omnipresent.

The song opens with the keys. The brass kicks in introducing us to the chorus of “Move On”, which lyrically most of us can resonate with. “Do you really want to live your life inside a wishing well?” Its probably safe to say that everyone at some point in their life has found themselves in a situation or relationship expecting, hoping, or ultimately wishing things will change for the better. The highlight is the pedal steel guitar solo toward the end of the song. Reflecting on the fear of stepping outside of your comfort zone, you realize, sometimes its just better to “move on alone.”  – Rebecca Costa Elysburg Pa.

“Although the CD in its entirety is amazing…I can’t stop playing ‘Move On’” Troy Mizgala, Greensboro NC 

“If a gun was to my head and I absolutely had to pick a favorite song, it would be this one” Ashley Holcomb, Pensacola Fl.


Track 10 – Need You

“I’ve been listening to The Revivalists since I had met them through some mutual friends back in 2010 at SXSW in Austin, TX. Since then, I’ve been patiently waiting for this album. While the self-titled EP, Vital Signs, and City of Sound have been on repeat in my car, in my house, in my friend’s house, etc. are amazing albums, Men Amongst Mountains has a different feel. You can tell that every song was carefully written and produced, and all the songs really mean something different. “Need You” slows it down, and is one of those songs that could really be about anything Maybe it’s someone you love or once loved, drugs, money, or maybe to you it’s about French fries. Whichever road you might be on, it’s a song about a struggle between you and that thing. You try to fight with yourself that you don’t need it, but that it needs you. It’s just another one of The Revivalists’ creations that anyone can relate to. If you want to dig a little deeper, and maybe the words don’t necessarily grab you in this song, Dave’s voice will. His soulful front, paired with his higher background vocals, (nope, that’s not a woman!) can almost be seen as a sign of internal struggle within one’s self. Take it for what you want, either way- enjoy it.”   Tiffany Clemons, Destin Fl.

 “Need You” is a borderline R Kelly baby makin’ jam” Tim Kaufman, St Louis Mo.


Track 11 – Amber

​“Amber” is another song on the album that immediately soothed my soul.  Again, this song is filled with passion.  “Amber” delves into the feelings of guilt, helplessness, hopelessness and recognition.  He can see the one he loves lost within a situation that he has somehow contributed to, and he cannot help her because he cannot yet help himself. Because of this he is wracked by guilt but deep down inside he knows that she has the power within her to help herself.  There is something so raw and unrefined about Shaw’s lyrics that affect my very soul and the execution of his songs can bring goosebumps to my skin on a 120 degree day.  The music of The Revivalists flows through my veins and there is not a day that goes by that they do not grace my speakers, wherever I may be.  They are amazing musicians, beautiful lyricists, and real down home nitty gritty boys that I feel blessed to have in my life.  So here’s my shout out to you boys…..THANK YOU! HERE’S TO MANY MANY MORE JAMMIN, SENSUAL, AND FUNKTASTIC ALBUMS!  Liesel Waters, Los Angeles Ca.


“This record is a journey of experience and emotion, the lyrics stand on their own. The soundtrack begs listeners to move with it like a tidal wave. Bravo to The Revivalists!!” Janice Ramsey, Marlton NJ


Track 12 – Bulletproof

“I got a heart! You got a heart! ” It’s definitely my heart that beats faster when I watch “The Revivalists” perform. Passionate, eloquent, irreverent… growing musically in leaps and bounds. “The Revivalists” have arrived. Lyrics catch me at first but the bridge of “Bulletproof” quickly captured my attention. David Shaw is larger than life but clearly his musical chops depend on the “balls” of the musicians who surround him. Crafted texturally, one imagines a well-told story as the free-floating emotions blend with the resounding beat of the song. Singing the reflective lyrics, dancing to it’s sexy good beat. The words “we’re going to make it now” ring reassuringly. “Bulletproof” and the songs on “Men Amongst Mountains” have come together at just the right time to prove “somehow I know it’s gonna be alright.” The Revivalists prove it with this masterful album and every single night they take the stage. MaryAnn Reed, Brooklyn NY

“I am lucky to be able to work from home. No volume control here” Lois Brandow, Marlton NJ


Track 13 – Fade Away


“I first met, (didn’t even hear!) The Rev’s through some mutual friends at SXSW in Austin, TX back in 2010. I started listening to them soon after and have been the biggest fan ever since. I remember hearing Fade Away for the first time when pedal steel guitarist Ed Williams’ side project, “RumpelSteelSkin”, came to play at the Vinyl Music Hall in Pensacola, FL. When I heard the words that David Shaw wrote to go with Ed’s lyrical pedal steel riffs, I immediately fell in love. The one thing I love most about The Revivalists’ music is that you seem to be able to relate to every song in one way or another. Sometimes it even grabs you deep down, the way Fade Away did to me. Love is always a ‘push and pull’ emotion and you can really hear, and even feel it in this song. The quiet words speak to your heart, while the stronger and louder parts literally pull on your soul. The next thing you know you are playing air drums, screaming the lyrics and crying all at the same time. At least that’s what I’ve caught myself doing a few times”…Tiffany Clemons, Destin Fl.

If I could just get this song to play on an endless loop between my ears all day long, that would be great” Charee Fairchild, Kennewick Wa.


Track 14 – Men Amongst Mountains

It was with great anticipation that I waited for the release of the new album. I would be able to listen to any of the ‘new’ songs whenever I wanted! I love the band live – but it was a nice surprise to be able to hear the musical nuances that you get to experience on the album. It is so well done – but not overdone. One of the songs that I had never heard before is the title song, ‘Men Amongst Mountains’. I was immediately enthralled by the strong keyboards, the music was stuck in my head. It’s the first song in years that I’m even going to attempt to transcribe to sheet music. It has a strong melodic progression and message that is captivating. …… “Love makes it easy it makes it all right”.   Lois Brandow, Marlton NJ

“I’m so excited for the new album I could scream and I don’t think I’ve felt this excited about anyones music for at least five years” “These guys are fucking amazing” Charee Fairchild, Kennewick Wa

This January marks 7 years since Emily and I first saw The Revivalists. We happened to stumble, literally, into ‘The Break’ beach bar. Immediately we heard what sounded like the voice and music of angels in the ‘band room’ and bee-lined it in there. From that moment on we were hooked. Since then we were in the “Criminal” music video and held an ‘extras’ position when they filmed for HBOs show TREME. We have also traveled all across the southeast to see them. Now, two Revivalists tattoos later…we’re here: to the release of the 3rd full length, highly anticipated, album. It was well worth the wait. The day “City of Sound” came out, Emily and I got together and listened to it from beginning to end. Emily said, “Imagine how amazing the NEXT album will be!” Now, fast forward 3 years to the release of Men Amongst Mountains. Our expectations for this album were crazy high, and they were surpassed… mind-blowingly. Every song is beautiful, smart, powerful, complicated, and filled with so much soul and love. Their music has been with us for so long now, evolving and growing as they have… and as we have. While giving us many, many excuses to dance like no one’s watching. Life is never smooth sailing, but having love actually does make it easy and worth it. These men know what they’re talking about. We are inspired to spread the love and friendship around to everyone, much like our 7 band friends have done for us and so many others. We are eternally grateful for their gift of music and their presence in our lives for so long. Men Amongst Mountains is just simply a beautiful album and we just couldn’t be more appreciative of everything that was poured into it. Ashley Holcomb and Emily McDonald, Pensacola Fl.


“These guys are f*cking awesome…I have a new favorite band” Ji-Min, Somewhere in Korea

I can say the Revivalists are absolutely one of my favorite shows to be at. The energy they create is unreal. When we saw them at the Peach Festival there weren’t too many people crowded around, but after they played one song I turned around and there was a ton more people. That’s all it took! They just

pull you right in, and that’s what I love about them. The new album is absolutely incredible. It really defines them as who they are, body mind and soul. I do highly suggest that the next time they play in your hometown you must go see them. I can guarantee that you will fall in love.

“For the love of the music”!  Amanda Krause, Amsterdam NY


The best part about Men Amongst Mountains is that you can close your eyes and feel like you are at one of their high energy shows. You can see David’s funky fro’ bouncing around, Rob’s silly dance moves, Ed’s devilish grin, the pick between Zach’s teeth, the tongue hanging out of Michael’s mouth, George slapping the bass, and Andrew’s awesome balance of high concentration while also having the time of his life.

I can’t pick a favorite song from Men Amongst Mountains because I have 14 of them. Kate Reynolds, Boston Mass


Like I said in the opening of this article, I could’ve sat at the computer with my thesaurus trying to figure out 100 different ways to say “amazing.” I would’ve used them all at least once. But that wouldn’t have been fair to the devoted following The Revivalists have developed over their 7+ years of existence. When I approached the members of the Facebook page “Rev Heads” with the idea, the outcry of fans wanting to participate in the article was enormous– almost overwhelming. Whether it was a story, opinion, comment, or quote, everyone was excited to share and express their love for the band and the collection of new music they beautifully crafted over the past two and a half years. While a lot of currently released albums have four or five songs that evoke your highest emotions and then add four or five more to fill space, Men Amongst Mountains is strong and powerful from beginning to end. Every song is capable of being the best song on any other album.

I really hope this collaboration of quotes, stories, comments, and testimony have convinced you to get a copy of The Revivalists new release Men Amongst Mountains. If you’re like any of us it will find a permanent slot in your CD changer. If you already have a copy of the album, then buy another one and give it to a friend. You will make their day or maybe make a new friend. “For the love of the music”   –Barry Brandow, Marlton, NJ

The Revivalists have a very aggressive touring schedule and are very likely coming to your town or a town nearby real soon. For tour dates, info, or how to get your copy of “MEN AMONGST MOUNTAINS” go to

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