Aquarium Rescue Unit Announces Live Webcast on Tour Gigs For Hometown Show in Athens

Legendary Improv-Rock Pioneers – Col. Bruce Hampton & The Aquarium Rescue Unit

Announce Exclusive Pay Per View Event – August 8th

Live from Their Hometown of Athens, GA

Georgia Theatre Color (640x300)

Exclusive Concert Broadcast Event LIVE from the Historic Georgia Theater

With their much anticipated US Summer tour kicking off this week, “The Jamband Velvet Underground,” Col. Bruce Hampton & the Aquarium Rescue Unit, continue to pull surprises and share some exciting news with fans.  The Georgia “Cult Ensemble” have reunited to rattle the landscape with a series of live performances the highlight of which is their homecoming show.  To mark the occasion the group, along with TourGigs, are extremely excited to announce that they are teaming up to deliver a live stream of the Georgia Theatre in Athens on August 8th to spread their special Jam across the universe.

Purchase the Live Stream of ARU at The Georgia Theater here.

The HD multi-cam webcast kicks off LIVE at 9PM EST on Saturday August 8th from the historic Georgia Theatre in Athens, GA. Fans unable to join in on Saturday will not be left out – the special will be on a continuous replay for 24 hours after it originally airs. ARU Enthusiasts, and the curious who purchase the webcast, are also able to watch the replays.  Special incentives are offered to fans who ACTIVATE and purchase the show within the next 7 days.

With the daring, iconoclastic Hampton at the helm, the Aquarium Rescue Unit continues to play a seminal role in fostering today’s vital, thriving improvisational music community – and their presence is still felt. Since Hampton and the band parted ways in 1993, members have gone on to both inspire and enliven the music of the genre’s most revered practitioners: Herring (guitar) with Widespread Panic,The Dead, Jazz is Dead, the Ringers, and his own solo project. Burbridge (bass) with his band the Peacemakers and Sipe (aka Apt. Q-258, drums) with his own trio and collaborations with Phil Lesh, Béla Fleck, Susan Tedeschi, Trey Anastasio, Jazz is Dead, Alex Machacek, Debashish Bhattacharya, and many more. For these dates, the ARU will also be joined by keyboardist Matt Slocum, who performed with them at the 2011 Georgia Theatre show.

For a complete list of upcoming tour dates Click Here.

The streams work on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, iOS devices, Android devices, Roxwel Samsung Smart TV app and now ROKU! To watch the stream on Roku, download the ‘Roxwel’ Channel on your Roku set top box. From the Roxwel channel, you can select the stream and enter your code to watch. Our stream is NOT yet available on the following platforms: Internet Explorer Browser (not recommended on all version of IE so use at your own risk), PlayStation Network, XBox Live.

About TourGigs:    TourGigs is a Concert Film technology company which provides an entire suite of services to produce, film,  market and distribute high ­quality concert films. By solely focusing on creating exceptional live streams, downloads, DVDs and Blu­Rays, TourGigs has pioneered efficient  techniques to film a single show, an entire tour, or multi day/multi stage festivals. Come experience TourGigs live.

Check out an overview of the ARU Tour, here:

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