Watch Ashish Vyas (Bass) of Thievery Corporation Sing “Eyes of the World”

Watch Ashish Vyas (Bass) of Thievery Corporation

Nail Vocals on “Eyes of the World”


If you’ve been keeping up with the website lately you know that Thievery Corporation’s show in Chicago on July 2nd, as part The Music Never Stopped series, was one of our favorite shows thus far in 2015. The entire band dug into the catalog, rehearsing these songs during soundcheck at Red Rocks roughly two weeks ahead of the show, and again at full band rehearsals in the days leading up to Chicago. Rob Myers (guitar), Ashish Vyas (Bass), and Jeff Franca (Congo Sanchez – Drums) met together on several occasions within a month of the show at the Aragon Ballroom. These practices were essential to the success of the concerts. Of course, Thievery’s show was a success because DJs (Eric Hilton and Rob Garza), horns, vocalists, and stringed musicians combined forces to create the magic that defines the Thieves.

That being said, Thievery has the most dynamic vocal team I’ve seen live. I feel confident standing behind that statement. Well, bassist Ashish Vyas stepped up to the plate to assume the vocal role on “Eyes of the World”. At most Thievery shows you won’t be lucky enough to hear Ashish sing. When I heard the first line of the verse I quickly swung my head around. That wasn’t Lou Lou or Puma or Natalia, or Sleepy or Zeebo, or Rootz or Mr. Lif — But whoever it was nailing it! Not only that, but Congo Sanchez assisted on vocal duties from the drum throne as well.

I’ve seen Ashish in a variety of bands over the past couple of years in DC, including a blues trio (Devils Die Laughing) and as far away as Texas performing reggae (formerly with See-i). But this was the first time I’d seen him sing. My vote is for Ashish to get the occasional vocal spot more. He did this one justice while also nailing the bass line and chordal change subtleties of “Eyes of The World” with ease.

Enjoy the video below captured by Norm Smyth.

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