Consider the Source – Band of the Week

Consider the Source Photo
Photo by Alec Freudenberg

In 2015 it is still possible to find great music, you just gotta poke around. However, to find a highly unique band doing something “new” in the truest sense is much more difficult.

Consider the Source has established themselves as a top rising artist on the live music and festival circuit. Their music may come off as actually bizarre to the casual ear, but this band is a musician’s musician. They are progressive in nearly every way imaginable. Sure rock and jazz come to mind, but the word fusion is a very spot-on way to describe their sound. They’ve even been referred to “Sci-Fi Middle Eastern Fushion”.  As a musician, their Middle Eastern and world sounds twisted in the world of rock n roll expands the way I think about improvisation and song structure on any instrument. Think Ozric Tentacles and Dream Theatre meets world music meets the jam festival circuit. Perhaps most importantly, the band creates a sound that stands from the rest of the pack.

Their latest double-disc album, World War Trio (Part II & III), is arguably the band’s most ambitious album to date perhaps only second to World War Trio Part 1. They keep pushing the envelope on themselves, striving to visit territories they’ve not previously explored. For CTS complacency isn’t even a thought. The highly technical aspects of each song on the album still maintain the emotional draw of certain “feel-based” playing.

If you’re a hard rocker, a jamband lover, a fan of dexterity and mastery of an instrument, this band is more than worth your time. Gabriel Marin bears a double-neck guitar that he uses to accentuate his hammer-ons, pull-offs, unique slides, and sizzling vibrato. John Ferrara is an animal on the bass. If you don’t believe me just watch this video of him performing “Keep Your Pimp Hand Strong”. Ferrara knows when to simply lay down the line on bass, but also knows when to slap his bass into oblivion. In this type of power trio setting having a strong drummer as the backbone is critical. For the past 3 years Jeff Mann has held down the drum throne, the foundation if you will, that allows Ferrara and Marin the ability to weave their intricate arranged patterns with precision and excellence. Similarly, Mann is a strong drummer in the improvisational passages within any of the jams. They’re exhibitionists of their instruments in a way that sets them apart from all other bands out there right now.

Be sure to catch CTS on tour in a city near you (Tour Dates). They’ll be performing at the Mad Tea Party Jam this weekend alongside a great lineup of musicians.

Click Here for Free Live Downloads of Consider the Source.




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