The Sultan of Summer – VICEROY
“Summertime All The Time Vol 1”


Viceroy is just so filthy. This is simple; Viceroy doesn’t create “bangers”. He is the self proclaimed as the “dance game Jimmy Buffet”.

The positive, happy, summer time vibes have made him the ultimate Sultan of Summer. If you’re poolside, this mix is definitely a go-to mix while you sit in the pool and drink margaritas in the company of your partners in crime.

His past few Vita Mixtape releases have been very one point, but this may take the cake. This mix show Viceroy’s ever evolving ability to take great songs and make them even better in many cases. Funky fresh house beats, crisp hi-hats, piano hooks, and well curated vocal cuts define a summer fresh goodness.

As we gear up for Summer Festival season and special time with our friends and family sometimes it is nice to have a playlist on hand that you don’t have to change at all. This is definitely up on the list. So pause your pandora radio (I know, hip-hop bbq is pretty good station eh?) and pull up that Soundcloud app and bust out this “Summertime All the Time Vol. 1” mix.

Happy Friday ya filthy animals.

“Jams not bangers. Summertime all the time.”

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