M.E.M.Fest Countdown

Artist Feature | Archnemesis

2nd Annual M.E.M. Fest 2014

Archnemesis - July 2014 - by South Carolina Portrait Photographer Sean Rayford

By Randy Harris:

When Archnemesis began in 2009, the world of electronic music was graced with an incredible talent, stemming from classically trained cello and piano, combined with a growing interest in jazz composition, and culminating in a whirlwind of melodic, psychedelic bass music. Originally, Archnemesis consisted of two members. After one member left the duo to pursue other interests, however, Archnemesis now refers to a single member, but that has certainly not slowed him down. Archnemesis started releasing music just about the time that Pretty Lights’ combination of sampling and elaborate composition was gaining traction. The blend of hip hop and electronic music was colliding with influences ranging from soul to jazz to rock to blues, and Archnemesis is one of the top artists to come out of that wave.

Archnemesis has toured and recorded relentlessly over the past five years, gradually building the Nemesis Army of dedicated followers. With three EPs, two full-length albums and numerous singles and remixes, Archnemesis’ production has been successfully honed and perfected. He has brought his energetic live performance approach to festivals such as The Hangout Music Festival, Lights All Night, Camp Bisco and Electric Forest and to clubs and theatres nationwide.

Personally, I have seen Archnemesis twice, once as a duo and once as a solo performance, both in Memphis, and both times were mind numbing experiences. Archnemesis was even in Memphis earlier this summer, and he loved it so much that he is already on his way back again to rock out M.E.M.Fest with us. You will not want to miss this set!

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