Mixify Clubcasts

DJing Remotely ???

Sure the idea of live webcasts of festivals and concerts is no new concept. Can’t catch the Allman Brothers at Mountain Jam ? No problem you could have streamed it last week.

For example, Tourgigs.com, is a very cool & innovative concept. Even the fan driven uStream has become popular for streaming shows. There are any many out there and there will soon be many more.

I’m not really one to fight progress in the digital realm, but ultimately we will have to ask ourselves, where do we draw the line?

That line  will certainly be crossed, I’ve accepted that reality. I say that to say, where there is money and entrepreneurship in any industry, simple economics of supply & demand mean that in an era of declining album sales and an increased demand for live performances, we were bound to see this eventually.

Personally, I’ve attended watch parties of live streams at places in town that are being broadcast live from elsewhere in the world.

This is an odd concept and it is probably terrifying many of you because you don’t want the future of music to consist of someone sitting in a room at home DJing to clubs across the country.

However, I think there is one fact that can make you feel a bit better. No matter how much technology we have, 3d holographic (2pac), remote viewing, and other similar technologies…one fact remains…

The Live Concert experience can be replicated, but it can never be better than seeing a live performance. It is the same reason why we get nosebleed seats and catch a basketball game when we could stay at home and have a better view of what is going on. The live energy can be replicated, but it can never be replaced.

Live Music will prevail.

Andrew M


Randy Harris of LiveMusicDaily expounds on Andrew’s perspective:

“Couch Tour,” as it is sometimes known, has been a revolutionary addition to an artist’s income. If someone cannot make it to a show or cannot afford the full ticket price, they can watch it from their home for $10, and as long as the artist covers the cost of the stream, it works. But what we have to remember is that it is just additional income for artists and a backup for consumers. If the industry turns to simply streaming artists from their homes instead of having the artist show up on stage, it completely destroys the personal experience and connection between fan and artist.


See this excerpt below from news.tracksource.com :

Mixify officially launched Clubcast just last week, but the company tested the concept with around 35 gigs during the last few months and discovered that there is a lot of demand for their service in regions of the world that are too distant for some U.S. and even European DJs to travel, such Asia and Australia.

While events like Ultra and Coachella have been streamed to video channels like Youtube, Clubcast is taking an alternate approach with on-site immersion. The video DJ experience seems like it would feel a bit detached for clubbers, but testing has confirmed that fans are quick to accept the idea.

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