The Bridge-Walkers

Release New Music Video “Walk With Me”

Ladies and gentleman, here is Southeast funk at its finest. Hailing out of the deep musical pocket of Auburn, AL is the rising live talent, the Bridge-Walkers. At the forefront of their sound is funkified stylings of soul & blues from a handful of musicians who regularly grace the cities venues and the spots in the greater deep south area. The groups eclectic styles seamlessly blend the most timeless sounds of the past create an atmosphere that is second to none.

This is their first official studio recording to date, appropriately titled “Walk With Me” is just a preview for a full length debut album due out Fall of 2014. The track was recorded at the brand new studio, nestled in the heart of downtown Montgomery, AL.

The track defies genres, what starts out as a standard funk number quickly progresses to more rock & jazz oriented territory. All the while, multi-instrumentalist, Jon Avant displays his extraordindary trumpeting skills while blastin’ the mic with some serious MC stylings. Meanwhile, Jonas Schultz smooth sax provides exceptional sonic layerings to the tight bass grooves and crisp drumming of William Heilpern. Jesse White’s well calculated way driven solos add a perfect element to the tracks interconnectivity.

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