The Soul Diaries

Presents : Chapter 16


It is exactly what it sounds like it is, the Soul Dairies. An exceptional mix of the best of the underground in hip-hop and electronic. The mix starts off with excerpts of philosophy on music and quickly moves exceptional Drums & Bass style to DJ Rashad who passed away earlier this week. The entire mix really covers some some sick artists, most notably Awon, Dephlow, and Phoniks. In fact Phoniks, Dephlow, and Awon released a new album today (Stream Here). We will be giving that new album some good coverage too in the coming days. For now enjoy this exceptional installation of the Soul Diaries.

About the Soul Diaires:

The Soul Diaries – Bringing you the best in alternative soul sounds layered with hip-hop and electronic beats.

Now in partnership with London’s Roundhouse Radio and Westside 89.6FM.

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