Release 2 New Tracks


For several years Lettuce has been one of our favorite jazz-funk-jamband outfits we feature on the website. The sense authenticity and the pure “feel-based” style of playing coupled with a knack for instrumental mastery makes this super-group one of the best in the game year in & year out. Check out this Free Download from a recent 2013 recording of two new tracks.

For your Lettuce fans, if you haven’t heard the previously unreleased track titled “Star Children” dedicated to the sounds of P-funk, you should visit our previous post on the track for a Free Download (HERE).

About Newest Release:

Pre-Order the 7″ Vinyl – bit.ly/NUuSzv

In December 2013 Lettuce was finishing up what was by all accounts there most fruitful and successful year too date. They were all gathered in their defacto hometown of Brooklyn for a week long run at Brooklyn Bowl and their last show of the year at the Capitol Theater.

Never ones to waste a moment, Lettuce took their time together in December in between shows to record two new original tracks, “Don’t Be Afraid To Try”, which features vocalist Alecia Chakour, and “Yakitori”. “Don’t Be Afraid To Try” is sure to be a Lettuce staple for years to come, seamlessly blending the Lettuce sound with timeless R&B vocals. Alecia is currently touring with the band and fitting in perfectly. “Yakitori” is classic hard-tiiing instrumental Lettuce at its best. This is the sound that fans have come to expect from the band and “Yakitori” shows that the direction of the bands sound is still pushing funk to new heights!

Lettuce is offering these two singles for FREE through their soundcloud and on limited edition 7 in vinyl. You can pre-order the vinyl HERE. The tracks are also up on iTunes now.

It was a special year for the Lettuce collective in which they played huge dates at Bonnaroo, Summer Camp, the Fillmores in Denver and San Francisco and made it to a ton of cities for the first time, always met by eager fans new and old. Lettuce Spring tour starts tonight at the Roxy in LA and rolls on through April 6. The band then will celebrate Jazzfest at their Annual Royal Family Ball before a monster schedule of high profile festival appearances.


“Don’t Be Afraid To Try” | Free Download

“Yakatori” | Free Download

See Lettuce perform Live in a city near you by viewing their extensive list of Tour Dates HERE.

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