Expansion Sound


This is required listening for you hip-hop folks who like to take it back to simple organic beats with elements of jazz & soul. This is some of the best new hip-hop production floating around on the internet right now, period.

To celebrate the relaunch of our musical family, enjoy 30 tracks of soulful goodness from our crew, as well as some of our extended family. Featuring some of the best known names on the scene, as well as some names you need to stop sleeping on, Expansion Sound Vol.1 represents (in our opinon) some of the brightest talent in the Hip Hop, Instrumental Beats & Future Soul scenes.

Compiled by Mecca:83 
Cover Art by Evan Jones 

***All profits from this release will go towards helping the brother Buscrates 16-bit Ensemble with his medical bills, after recently being hit by a car. Learn more and/or donate some funds here:fundrazr.com/campaigns/bhH06

Expansions Collective.com Radio

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