DJ Maars & Waggles


Exclusive download link coming soon, via Spinforth’s Celebratory Centenary Scour #100, over at:

Fresh new tune from Waggles and myself, featuring vocal skills from Distorted Fluency and Hoodat MC, voiced at ATM studios. Mastered and ready for disco damage…. enjoy!!

Promo blurb by Fat Harry: Tired of my multiple attempts to defy the court exclusion order, DJ MAARS has employed the mad skills of Waggles as his close protection officer. It doesn’t matter, I’ve watched The Bodyguard several times and worked out the only way to get past Waggles is by something less orthodox, i’ve purchased ’Voodoo for Dummies’. I’m not quite there yet and have nearly exhausted all my own body hair, but it does work, I blow a handful of pubes and fluids into every venue DJ MAARS plays and people’s heads start to nod – “VOODOO twerking!” I shout as I get led out in an armlock.

DJ Maars
SoundCloud: @djmaars

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